China and Germany should resolve the trade frictio

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China and Germany should resolve trade frictions of photovoltaic products through negotiation shendanyang, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, said in a statement on September 1 that China and Germany should vigorously promote the industry of both sides to properly resolve trade frictions of photovoltaic products through consultation and cooperation

he said that China urges the EU to listen carefully to the opinions of all parties; See, earnestly implement the commitment of the G20 Los Cabos summit not to adopt new trade protectionist measures from the source of structural design, production and compounding of additives and investment, and not to implement trade protectionist measures for Chinese products

shendanyang pointed out that under the current severe world economic situation, the practice of recklessly abusing trade remedy measures in the 20th century is not conducive to the settlement of trade frictions, but will only lead to a mutually damaging result and undermine the process of world economic recovery

shendanyang stressed that China has always advocated to solve problems in industrial development and bilateral trade through consultation by encouraging and supporting dialogue and cooperation in the industry, so as to strive for mutually beneficial and win-win results. At present, it has become a global consensus to develop and utilize more than 800million tons of straw to be treated as renewable energy in China every year. Countries should strengthen cooperation in this field and jointly promote the wider application of photovoltaic energy in the world. The Ministry of Commerce of China is willing to create conditions and build a platform for promoting cooperation among industries of various countries. Zhonghua glass () Department

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