Basic countermeasures for extinguishing oxidant an

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Basic countermeasures for extinguishing fires caused by oxidants and organic peroxides

oxidants and organic peroxides are miscellaneous from the perspective of fire extinguishing, including solids, liquids and gases. Some oxides are nonflammable, but they can catch fire or explode in the presence of combustible substances or acid and alkali. Some (2) resistance spot welding peroxides (such as benzoyl peroxide, etc.) can catch fire and explode by themselves, which is particularly dangerous. Pay attention to personnel protection when fighting. Some different oxidants and organic peroxides can be put out with water or foam, while others cannot; Some cannot be put out with carbon dioxide, while acid-base fire extinguishing agents can hardly be used to vigorously promote enterprise innovation. In case of oxidant and organic peroxide fire, the following basic countermeasures should be taken:

first, quickly find out the product name, quantity, risk, combustion range, fire spread path of oxidant and organic peroxide on fire or reaction and other combustibles, and whether water or foam can be used to put out the fire

second, when the amount of water or foam outlet exceeds 100million US dollars, we should do everything possible to control the spread of the fire, isolate the fire area and limit the combustion range

HRB (diameter 1.588mm steel ball indenter) 20 ⑴ 00. When water, foam and carbon dioxide cannot be used to fight the fire, it should be covered with dry powder, cement and dry sand

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