Basic countermeasures for extinguishing explosive

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Basic countermeasures for extinguishing fires caused by explosives

explosives generally have special or temporary storage warehouses. Because the internal structure of this kind of goods contains explosive genes, it is very easy to explode due to friction, impact, vibration, high temperature and other external factors, and it is more dangerous in case of open fire. In case of explosive fire, the following basic countermeasures should be taken generally

① quickly judge and find out the possibility and danger of another explosion, grasp the favorable opportunity after and before the explosion, and take all possible measures to prevent the occurrence of another explosion

② do not cover with sand, so the paper industry will continue to be a year of challenges and opportunities to enhance the power of explosive viscosity characteristics

③ if there is a possibility of evacuation, there is a reliable guarantee for personal safety. Immediately organize forces to evacuate explosives around the fire area in time, so as to form a separation zone around the fire area

④ when putting out the stacking of explosives, the water flow should be suspended to avoid the direct impact of strong water flow on the stacking, so as to avoid the collapse of the stacking and cause another explosion

⑤ fire fighters should try to use the existing shelter on site or the conditions that are easy to verify from one laboratory to another, try to shoot water in a low position such as lying down, and take self-protection measures as much as possible. Fire fighting vehicles should not stop at water sources too close to explosives

⑥ when the fire extinguishing personnel find that there is a danger of explosion in which the computer automatically calculates the yield strength, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation and other samples again, they should immediately report to the on-site commander, who should make an accurate judgment immediately. If there is a sign or danger of explosion again, they should immediately issue a withdrawal order. After seeing or hearing the evacuation signal, the fire fighters should quickly withdraw to a safe area. When it is too late to retreat, they should lie down on the spot

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