Basic description of the hottest water heater

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Basic description of using water heater

air source heat pump water heater is a new generation of water heater following gas water heater, electric water heater and solar water heater, and it is a heating water equipment that can replace boilers. Heat pump water heater absorbs heat and solar energy in the air. It is a safe, energy-saving and environment-friendly water heater that integrates the advantages of electric water heater and solar water heater. It can operate 365 days a year, and is a national key promotion project

the familiar "pump" is a kind of mechanical equipment that can improve potential energy. For example, the water pump is mainly to raise the water level or increase the water pressure, while the "heat pump" is a kind of equipment that can obtain low-level heat from the air, water or soil in nature, and output high-grade heat that can be used by people through electric power. It is a kind of treatment method: energy saving, experimental steps below: environmental protection, clean heating and hot water equipment, Heat pump technology is a new energy technology that has attracted much attention all over the world in recent years

I. how to understand "heat pump"

for a simple example, a car can transport several tons of goods from one place to another with a few liters of gasoline. The heat pump host can absorb heat from nature and obtain heat energy that can be used for production and life through the "handling" of the heat pump (electric power drives the heat pump)

second, how many kinds of heat pumps are there

according to different heat sources, heat pumps can be divided into air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps

III. is the heat pump water heater a solar product

in a broad sense, yes, but JiuHeng heat pump unit is essentially different from conventional solar products, mainly reflected in the difference in working principle: conventional solar products must rely on the direct irradiation or radiation of sunlight to achieve the heating effect, while JiuHeng heat pump unit mainly absorbs the heat energy in the environment to achieve the heating effect

IV. what principle does the heat pump unit collect heat according to

a heat absorbing medium refrigerant is specially placed in the equipment of the heat pump unit. It is below minus 20 ℃ in the liquefied state, and there is a temperature difference with the external temperature. Therefore, the refrigerant can absorb the external heat energy, evaporate and vaporize in the evaporator, raise the temperature of the refrigerant through the work of the compressor in the heat pump unit, and then convert the refrigerant from the vaporized state to the liquefied state through the condenser. During the transformation, a large amount of heat is released, The reserve water passed to the water tank will raise the temperature of water and achieve the purpose of making hot water. This is the uniqueness of this product and the reason for the market potential

v. if there is a heat exchanger in the heat pump unit, is it necessary to use electricity during operation

is to use electricity, but electricity is only used to drive the heat pump to absorb heat from the external environment and release the heat energy to heat hot water, instead of directly heating water with electricity like conventional electric water heaters, so electricity consumption is very small

VI. what are the advantages of heat pump units compared with other heating methods

heat pump unit heating is mainly reflected in: high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and safety. It is absolutely safe without combustible and explosive gases and electric driving elements; No waste gas, waste water, waste residue emissions, absolute environmental protection, the annual average operating cost of heat pump units only needs 1/4 of direct electric heating, 1/3~1/2 of fuel oil and gas heating, and 1/1.5 of conventional solar energy

VII. How about the initial investment and payback period

the initial investment of heat pump units will be slightly higher than that of oil and gas-fired boilers, but due to its special energy-saving effect, the cost will generally be recovered within one and a half years through energy-saving methods. The service life of boilers and other heating methods is generally only five years, while the service life of heat pump units can be as long as 15 years

VIII. What is the general power consumption of air energy heat pump units

the thermal efficiency of the air energy heat pump unit is generally 350%-500%. Based on the temperature rise of 40 ℃, the power consumption of producing a ton of hot water is about kwh. The ordinary electric heating method requires 52 degrees of electricity

IX. is it easy to use and operate the air energy heat pump hot water unit

it is very simple to use. The whole unit adopts an automatic intelligent control system. Users only need to turn on the power when they use it for the first time, and fully realize automatic operation in the later use process. When the water temperature specified by the user is reached, it will automatically stop. "Environmental protection, lightweight, energy saving" has become a hot topic at the moment. When the water temperature is lower than the user's specified water temperature, the system will start up and run from the diamond cone, Fully realize hot water 24 hours a day without waiting

X. whether the heat pump unit can operate normally at low temperature in winter

of course, the air energy heat pump hot water unit has an intelligent defrosting function to ensure the stable operation of the unit in a low temperature environment. It can automatically enter and exit the chemical tank according to multiple parameters such as outdoor ambient temperature, evaporator fin temperature and unit operation time

Xi. What are the advantages of air energy heat pump units over conventional solar energy

the advantages are very obvious, mainly reflected in four aspects:

1. From the aspect of investment: if the same water supply effect is achieved, the capital investment in heat pump hot water units is less than that of conventional solar products, and economic electric energy can be used to make hot water reserves when power consumption is low

2. From the aspect of use: conventional solar products are obviously affected by the weather, and cannot work in rainy days, snowy days and nights, while heat pump water heater units can work as usual in rainy days, snowy days, nights or sunny days, providing hot water all day long

3. In terms of operating cost, conventional solar energy operates at almost zero cost under direct sunlight. Unfortunately, in rainy and snowy days or at night, it can only rely on the auxiliary system. Statistical data show that when in normal use, the annual power consumption of conventional solar auxiliary system is higher than the total annual power consumption of heat pump unit

4. Other functions: the use of heat pump units is not limited by location, and can be placed anywhere, and the floor space is very small, while conventional solar energy needs to occupy a lot of space to achieve the same heating effect, and must be placed in the open air; The heat pump unit can produce cold air while making hot water, which can be used for dehumidification, cooling, air filtration and other auxiliary functions

XII. Does the heat pump host need to be frequently filled with refrigerant

not required. The air energy heat pump unit, like the refrigerator, is a sealed component. When it is delivered to the user for use, the refrigerant has been charged according to the quantity, and the user does not need to charge it by himself in the process of use

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