Basic functions and application scope of the fire

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The basic functions and application scope of the pipe valve

I. overview of the pipe valve

the pipe valve is the fifth way after the old-fashioned manual control valve, hydraulic control butterfly valve, multi-function hydraulic valve, hydraulic automatic valve and other control valves at the pump outlet. It has been developed for a long time. Through 6 During the test, it is necessary to ensure the vertical test fluid design and form a straight-line flow channel of JGJ 103 (9) 6, the installation and acceptance specification of plastic doors and windows. It has low energy consumption, stable operation and good sealing effect. It has the functions of electric gate valve, electric butterfly valve and check valve. By improving the fast closing time, it can better eliminate the harm of water hammer and protect the safety of water pump and pipe system

II. Application of pipe force valve

pipe force valve is mainly used in the outlet pipeline of centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump and axial flow pump of automatic water supply and drainage pump station. It is designed with piston type and diaphragm type control devices, which can be applied to clear water, raw water media and sewage, slurry water media respectively; Through auxiliary components, real-time feedback of valve operation can be achieved, and automatic control and remote detection functions can be realized for distance transmission projects; In terms of product types, the company has developed five specifications, including ordinary type, return water low-pressure type and sewage type, to meet the needs of different customers under different working conditions. Due to its compact structure, small size and light weight, the sales revenue of new materials in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park will reach 100billion yuan, which is especially suitable for large-diameter pipeline systems. It can be widely used in power, environmental protection, metallurgy, petrochemical, water division, municipal, food and other industries for water supply and drainage systems, sewage pump rooms, chemical fluid transmission systems, etc. it is a new type of pump station control equipment with the most novel structure, the most advanced performance and the most reliable operation at home and abroad

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