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Basic functions of supply chain management software

supply chain management software can help companies achieve and maintain their competitive advantages, simplify and strengthen key supply chain processes. After deploying supply chain management software, enterprises can give full play to cost-effectiveness, improve productivity, and improve their business bottom line

a formal supply chain management software usually includes the following functions, and provides support for the whole supply chain process through automation

inventory management

through the supply chain management software, the company can significantly improve the tracking and management of the supply of raw materials and parts of the production line, produce finished products that meet the requirements of orders, and provide on-site services and parts needed to support business. It can help companies avoid redundancy and waste, release valuable warehouse space resources, and minimize inventory costs

order management

by helping companies generate and track sales orders more effectively and accurately, a set of supply chain management software can significantly accelerate the implementation of the whole process from order to delivery. In addition, it can dynamically plan the delivery time of suppliers, create prices and product configurations to meet production needs


all activities related to searching manufacturers, purchasing materials, payment settlement, etc. can be automatically and seamlessly integrated into the company's entire supplier network, helping enterprises consolidate partnerships with third-party manufacturers, and more accurately evaluate and manage their performance


with the acceleration of enterprise globalization, supply chain management has become more and more complex. In the coordination between multiple warehouses and transportation channels, excess capacity in some industries has become a major problem. Through supply chain management software, enterprises can improve the performance of on-time delivery, strengthen the transparency of finished products in stock and distribution channels, and achieve higher customer satisfaction

prediction and planning

Tong is conducting clinical research on supply chain management software at the later stage of the market in the UK and Germany. Enterprises can more accurately predict customer demand, and plan their own procurement and production processes according to this, so as to avoid the phenomenon of excessive procurement of raw materials, excess production, almost blank and overstock in most places, and realize rapid cost recovery

return management

supply chain management software can simplify and eliminate methods: take out the plunger and polish it again, speed up the monitoring and treatment of unqualified products, and automatically notify suppliers or distributors for return and replacement. Many supply chain management software provide optional modules to enhance this function

in addition to the above functions, a complete set of supply chain management solutions can also provide comprehensive support for important processes such as contract management, product life cycle management, asset management, etc. (end)

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