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Typesetting design and production: basic concepts

1 What is typesetting

typesetting design is also called layout. The so-called layout means that in the limited layout space, the elements of the layout -- text fonts, picture graphics, line wireframes and color patches, are combined and arranged according to the needs of specific content, and are transported to some emerging market countries such as Asia and South America to express ideas and plans in visual form with modeling elements and formal principles. That is, to seek artists "Kutta said that it is an intuitive and creative activity to correctly express the layout information. Layout is an ideal way to create and establish an orderly layout. Typesetting design is the most representative branch of graphic design. It not only plays its role on the two-dimensional side, but also can feel its effect in the three-dimensional and four-dimensional space, such as each specific plane in packaging design, showing all kinds of knowledge of space The combination of other signs, as well as slogans and neon lights hung in urban business districts

typesetting design is an important part of graphic design, and it is also a big stage for all visual communication arts. Typesetting design is rising with the rapid development of modern science and technology and economy, and reflects cultural traditions, aesthetic concepts and the spirit of the times. It is widely used in newspaper advertising, posters, books and periodicals, packaging and decoration, direct mail advertising (DM), enterprise image (CI), pages and other graphic and image fields. The art of typesetting design has become an important interface for people to understand the times and identify with society

2. The extension of typesetting design

today's society is an era of design based on information and high-tech development. The information revolution, like the industrial revolution of the last century, has changed the face of the world and affected the whole human society and people's daily life. The earth is shrinking and the pace is accelerating. People's vision can't accept complicated and exploding information at the same time, and often can only absorb the information that has strong visual impact and is fascinating and interesting. Therefore, as a visual information transmission, print advertising design, in order to increase its own attraction, must be designed according to the formal characteristics of art and the rules of people's visual perception

with the emergence and wide application of printing and phototypesetting machines, typesetting design has become a more creative field. In particular, the arbitrary enlargement or reduction, widening or lengthening, inclination and distortion of text arrangement enable designers to freely and flexibly expand the wings of imagination and liberate themselves from the shackles of previous typesetting. Symmetrical, balanced and straight-line composition directly affects the field of layout design

typesetting design shoulders a dual mission: first, as an important media for information release, it also allows readers to generate beautiful reverie and resonance through the reading of the layout, so that the views and self-cultivation of designers can enter the hearts of readers

in the past, when it came to typesetting design, people naturally limited it to books and journals. Others believe that setting the range adjustable meter for typesetting is only a technical work and does not belong to the art category, so they do not pay attention to its artistic value. More people think that the typesetting design only needs to specify a format to avoid risks, and put fonts without any design. For a long time, we ignored the overall consideration and only worked on pictures and graphics. This conservative and traditional design style and misunderstanding seriously hinder the development of layout art

in fact, layout is no longer a simple technical arrangement, and typesetting design is a high unity of technology and art. The way of information transmission depends on the art of design. With the continuous progress of society, the acceleration of the pace of life and the change of people's visual habits, designers are required to update their ideas, pay attention to layout design, absorb foreign modern trends of thought, and change our previous design ideas

designers should not only spread the feeling of beauty and design ideas to the audience, but also widely mobilize the passion and feelings of the audience. Readers get entertainment, recreation and artistic infection while receiving the information of the page

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