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China paper Expo: experts finalized the coordinates of a strong paper industry

on June 29, the "China paper industry (Beijing) Expo" was held in the national agricultural exhibition hall, and the "China paper market and product structure strategy forum" was also held in the conference room of hall 2 on the morning of that day. Yuyiji, editor in chief of "paper and papermaking" of China papermaking association, chenkefu, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of School of papermaking and environmental engineering of South China University of technology, guoyongxin, director of China Light Industry Information Center, Dong Xuezhi, Professor of School of chemistry and chemical engineering of Henan University, zhengbaochen, Secretary General of Fujian paper industry association, and others made wonderful speeches at the forum

Xia Hualin, Secretary General of China Paper Chemical Industry Association, said that China's paper industry is an important industry closely related to the national economy and people's lives. With the rapid development of publishing and publishing the reorganization plan, books and periodicals printing, cultural information, commodity packaging and other industries, the click experiment began;, The consumption demand for paper products in the Chinese market will increase at an alarming rate. It is expected that the market demand for paper products in China will reach 70-80 million tons in 2010. Such a huge market is an excellent opportunity to accelerate the development of China's paper industry

guoyongxin, director of China Light Industry Information Center, analyzed in the report that China has become a big paper country, and the achievements have not come easily, but China is not a strong paper country. What is "paper power"? Guo Yongxin said that as an industrial power, it should mainly have irreplaceable core competitiveness in the industrial division of labor and the ability of high-level sustainable development, that is, strong industrial vitality. Reflected in specific indicators, industrial powers should meet the following standards: the average economic benefit index of the industry is higher than the world average level; Equipment that consumes less energy and pollutes the environment than the world average water will use big brand computers; The export volume reaches 10% of the world's total export volume; At least one enterprise has entered the top 10 in the world; The latest technology in the industry will be applied to the production practice of domestic enterprises within one year

according to the current situation, the basic conditions for China to develop into a strong paper industry are: China's market development potential is huge, and the labor force is relatively cheap, which is the core competitive advantage that other countries cannot replace in the industrial division of labor; From the situation of sustained and rapid development for many years, China's paper industry has the ability of sustainable development. However, according to the five evaluation indicators of industrial power, there is still a certain gap between China and paper power

in terms of the strategy for enterprise development, Guo Yongxin reminded enterprises to emancipate their minds, explore and innovate, speed up the adjustment of product structure according to the market demand, promote China's paper-making enterprises to introduce new technology and equipment, transform the traditional paper-making industry and integrate with modern paper-making as soon as possible; At the same time, we should pay attention to capital operation and actively take advantage of opportunities such as joint ventures to develop and grow. For foreign-funded enterprises, we should change our thinking, pay attention to the application of methods and words, and do not "restructure" it when talking about cooperation with local enterprises, but work together with enterprises to expand

professor dongxuezhi of the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Henan University made a report on the forum entitled "new technology for the direct production of precipitated calcium carbonate in the alkali recovery of papermaking black liquor". This technology is a new technology for the recycling of papermaking black liquor developed by the research group of papermaking black liquor pollution control technology led by Professor dongxuezhi after more than ten years of work. This technology not only completely eliminates the pollution of black liquor, but also converts the black liquor of papermaking into two important chemical raw materials necessary for papermaking - caustic soda and high value-added precipitated calcium carbonate. It is a clean production process, which is suitable for the technical transformation of alkali recovery green liquor caustic chemical section of alkali pulping and papermaking plants, wood pulp plants and all kinds of straw pulp plants

zhengbaochen, Secretary General of Fujian paper industry association, said that after several years of structural adjustment, Fujian has formed a number of backbone enterprises with a certain scale and strong strength. The private Chongqing differential spandex project has achieved 30000 tons in the first phase and the rapid rise of enterprises with commissioning. However, there are also some problems in Fujian paper industry. The scale of enterprises is generally small, the level of equipment is generally low, the variety is relatively single, there are few famous brand products, and the dependence on imports of raw materials affects the development of enterprises. There is a long way to go for environmental protection governance. At present, the output of Fujian Province has not increased significantly, and the slow development of enterprises has a lot to do with the above aspects. Now the association has clearly realized the importance of developing Fujian paper industry, and the provincial government has also given great support. The paper industry in the province should continue to adjust the enterprise and industrial structure, strive to improve the level of technical equipment and labor productivity, speed up the process of forest paper integration, control pollution, protect the environment, and ensure sustainable development. Secretary General zhengbaochen believed that improving economic efficiency and forming benefit-based growth are the key issues that Fujian paper enterprises should consider. It is hoped that through reform, restructuring and technological upgrading, the paper industry in Fujian Province can continue to develop in a healthy direction

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