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Experts who witnessed the breakthrough of private enterprises revealed the secret of Yanxiang's popularity against the trend

since the fourth quarter of last year, the spread of the international financial crisis has had a great impact on China's economy. The economy grew by 9% in the third quarter of last year, 6.8% in the fourth quarter, and fell to 6.1% in the first quarter of this year. In response to this situation, the Chinese government is implementing a package plan to expand domestic demand and promote steady and rapid economic development. As of the second quarter of 2009, the country's series of economic promotion measures have achieved initial results, but the inhibition of the decline in exports is not very obvious

although facing the current situation of sluggish domestic demand and declining external demand, many enterprises still do not want to wait to die, but choose to go against the current and attack bravely. The enterprises with anti risk ability and crisis awareness are mostly high-tech enterprises that rely on independent innovation and independent brands. This phenomenon forms a sharp contrast in the Pearl River Delta

30 years ago, the changes in Shenzhen heralded the full start of China's reform and opening up; 30 years later, the international financial crisis has also affected the coastal economy of the Pearl River Delta very seriously. As the most sensitive nerve and the most active subject of China's economy, the development of private economy has always been the weathervane of China's economy. From a glimpse of Shenzhen, we can see the whole leopard. The development of an enterprise often reflects the breeding of a force, and the economy of a region often reveals the future of a city

in the era of "post financial crisis", a large number of enterprises in coastal areas with export-oriented economy have turned their goals to China. On the one hand, they actively practice their internal skills, hide their strength and bide their time, on the other hand, they pay close attention to developing the domestic market and expanding domestic demand. However, Yanxiang group did the opposite. It not only firmly established its leading position in China's special computer industry in 2006, but also boldly went abroad in 2008, opening up a new battlefield in the international market, and good news came frequently, which can not be said to be a miracle

recently, under the leadership of Hexun, the domestic authoritative financial media, a large number of economic experts and scholars have traveled south to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to conduct on-the-spot investigations, conduct research for China's economic development, go deep into enterprises, understand the successful experience of advantageous enterprises, and offer a gift for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. At the same time, Hexun launched a large-scale theme "the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China", taking "witnessing the breakthrough of private enterprises" as a breakthrough, and made a special trip to Shenzhen Yanxiang group to investigate and deeply explore the secret of Yanxiang group's success in the face of the financial storm. Mei Xinyu, a famous economist and researcher of the international trade and Economic Cooperation Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, Wang Xiaohong, a researcher of the Macroeconomic Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, Xia Yeliang, deputy director of the foreign economic theory research center of Peking University, and other experts and scholars also had an in-depth discussion with the senior management of Yanxiang group whose conference theme was "urbanization and cable industry development", We will jointly discuss how Chinese private enterprises choose the opportunity to enter overseas under the new economic background, and how to give full play to their own advantages, deal with the market and choose competitive strategies

in 2008, the international financial crisis had a severe impact on the processing and manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta, but it did not hurt the high-tech enterprises represented by Yanxiang group, which benefited from this. At the same time, in terms of market strategy, Yanxiang also avoided entering the economic minefields of Europe and the United States, but targeted the overseas markets at Russia, India, Israel, the Middle East and other countries and regions. On the one hand, these countries are not directly affected by the US dollar. On the other hand, they have a high demand for automation equipment, which also earned the first pot of gold for Yanxiang's overseas market in 2008

in addition to bravely going abroad, Yanxiang also actively takes "import" measures, not importing equipment and funds, but bringing more overseas customers to China to let foreign customers know China's science and technology and China's strength. Thus, it can better pave the way for enterprises to carry out international business

in June 2009, the enterprise representatives from Europe, the Middle East, South America and the Asia Pacific region who visited Yanxiang were all computer enterprises. Therefore, these enterprise representatives also had a strong interest in Yanxiang's production line, which focused on breaking through the core technology in the key field of new materials, and its R & D strength. The magic weapon of Yanxiang's rapid development over the years lies in independent innovation, which is based on scientific and technological research and development. Yanxiang has a professional research and development team with 1500 people who constantly inspect the work of the experimental machine, and 95% of them have a bachelor's degree or above. The annual R & D expenditure of Yanxiang accounts for about 10% of the total sales revenue, and increases year by year. The new products developed each year account for about 40% of the total sales. Dozens of production lines with orderly and stable production of the company are also extremely rare in foreign countries, which impressed many representatives. Milper, an Israeli Hardware Engineer, said excitedly, "this is an amazing visit. Your production line is both characteristic and organized. I finally understand why you can produce such high-quality products. I am willing to recommend EVOC brand to everyone." In addition, this year, Yanxiang continued to expand its research and development scale. The pilot/production base of Yanxiang, covering an area of more than 230000 square meters, was officially put into construction. After completion, it will be able to directly place more than 3000 jobs, add more than 600 sets of process equipment and instruments, and finally achieve an annual output value of more than 5billion yuan, becoming the largest special computer production and research base in Asia. Then, the construction of Yanxiang R & D base in Xi'an also broke ground, truly covering the main areas of the country

the reason why we choose to continue to adhere to the breakthrough of innovation when the crisis comes is that Yanxiang has made a plan in the initial strategic planning. It always regards innovation as a lifeline of inertia value for everyone. In dynamic innovation, we adhere to the development of professional fields

few enterprises can prepare for the international financial crisis, and Yanxiang is no exception. However, the difference is that in the 16 years since its inception, Yanxiang group has always adhered to a development goal, timely adjusted its strategic goals according to market orientation and technological development, and effectively avoided the impact of the crisis from industry selection to target strategy. Yanxiang, who started a business in Shenzhen, once faced a series of problems, such as large R & D investment, high land prices, and increased operating costs. At that time, Beijing, Hangzhou, Changsha, Dalian, Xi'an and other rising inland cities and surrounding cities such as Shantou, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, etc. threw olive branches at Yanxiang, hoping that Yanxiang could move its production base away from Shenzhen and develop locally. At the same time, it also issued many preferential economic policies and talent placement plans. But after some comparison and consideration, Yanxiang finally chose to stay in Shenzhen! On the one hand, due to Shenzhen's mature and complete industrial structure, on the other hand, due to Shenzhen's convenient conditions in import and export trade. More importantly, Yanxiang has taken a fancy to the prospects of Shenzhen after the industrial structure adjustment. High tech enterprises will be the main body of Shenzhen's economy, and low-end manufacturing and polluting, labor-intensive enterprises will move out of Shenzhen. Although it will experience the "pain" of reform for the time being, this is a good opportunity for Shenzhen's future development

nowadays, more high-tech enterprises are constantly seeking breakthroughs driven by the example of Yanxiang group. On the one hand, they are transforming, on the other hand, they are seeking greater breakthroughs in the market. Only by breaking through ourselves can we gain new life

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