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Explanation of explosion-proof technology of mine explosion-proof electric gate valve

working environment temperature of mine explosion-proof electric gate valve is 20 ℃ ~ +40 ℃; The working environment does not contain highly corrosive media; Short time working system, time quota is 10min; The rated voltage is 380V and the frequency is 50Hz. It is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, electrician and other industries as a pressure relief device for compressing explosive pipelines. It is especially suitable for coal mill system and warehouses storing inflammable and explosive gases. The valve is simple in structure and consists of a steel welded cylinder and an explosion-proof valve disc. When the system pressure is greater than 0.1MPa gauge pressure, the disc of explosion-proof electric gate valve will rupture automatically to prevent the system from happening, so as to ensure personal and production safety

final table of technical parameters

applicable medium: compressed explosive gas

service pressure: 0.1MPa


1 The device is dust-proof, water-proof and light corrosion proof, and its protection grade is IP55, IP65 (special order)

2. The torque control mechanism has reliable action, convenient adjustment and high torque repetition accuracy

3. The stroke control mechanism has high adjustment accuracy and repeatability. In addition to the speed width of conventional electronic universal, it can be equipped with 2 to 4 microswitches in the opening and closing directions

4. It adopts semi-automatic manual and electric switching mechanism, which is simple, reliable and easy to operate

5. Working environment: no inflammable, explosive and strong corrosive media

explosion-proof electric gate valve, mining explosion-proof toothpaste contains a large number of high molecular compound electric gate valve

the integral mining explosion-proof electric gate valve electrical installation is derived from the Z ordinary type, adding a lot of electrical and electronic components. The overall ordinary electrical part is mainly composed of multi-function module MK1 remote control module MK2 button box indicator, opening meter Contactor, etc. The multi-function module MK1 is also composed of phase recognizer XS, contactor interlock protector Hb and DC power supply DC. The remote module MK2 is composed of four solid-state relays and three dial switches. The integral regulating electrical part is composed of regulating module TMK, contactor, etc. The control line is 220V, 50Hz (60Hz for special order); The remote control is 24VDC

the regulating module of mine explosion-proof electric gate valve can receive and output 4 ~ 20mA standard signals. The electrical components are installed on a reversible board to adjust the torque control, stroke controller and opening mechanism. There are three buttons on the button box, the middle of which is the field/remote control conversion button. The left side is the field valve closing button, the right side is the field valve opening button, the button box is covered for remote control, and the cover is opened for field operation

the performance conforms to the technical conditions of jb/t ordinary valve electric device. The performance of explosion-proof type conforms to gb3836 General requirements for explosion-proof electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres and regulations on technical conditions of jb/t explosion-proof valve electric device. It has been verified by the national explosion-proof electrical product testing center and obtained the explosion-proof certificate

generally, this kind of explosion-proof mining electric gate valve is equipped with coal safety electric gate valve. The power supply voltage of mining explosion-proof electric gate valve is 380V and 660V. This kind of electric gate valve must have coal safety certificate before entering the mine

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