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Expert of China internal combustion engine industry association: new energy vehicles can't be regarded as horses. Recently, Wei Anli, a senior expert of the expert committee of China internal combustion engine industry association, made a heavy blow

the new subsidy policy has not been implemented yet, and there are different opinions on the extent of the decline. Some new energy practitioners are fragile and sensitive. Just at this time, Wei Anli pointed out: "it is an honest reference to call pure electric vehicles new energy vehicles, and it is a crime in the academic and scientific circles!"

with an attitude of excellence, Wei Anli's words at this juncture are equivalent to throwing a heavy bomb, which may have a significant impact on the future development of pure electric vehicles

the war of subsidies

driven by subsidies, the trend of going all out to get pure electric vehicles swept the country, causing huge waste

under the subsidy, the sales of new energy vehicles rose sharply against the market, with pure electric vehicles dominating. According to the passenger Federation, the sales volume of passenger cars in January 2019 was 2.02 million, with a year-on-year increase of -16.6%. Among them, the sales volume of new energy vehicles was 91000, with a year-on-year increase of 183.5%, which became the only driving force leading the rise in the passenger vehicle market. Among the new energy vehicles, the sales volume of pure electric vehicles was 72000, accounting for 79.1%, becoming the "best spokesperson" of new energy vehicles. Although the subsidy threshold has been raised again and again, some enterprises are still significantly improving the technical indicators of pure electric vehicles after years of development, but the impact intensity has decreased to expect to get more subsidies, regardless of the market acceptance. In other words, subsidies directly lead to the abnormal development of pure electric vehicles

although the subsidy has declined year by year, the enthusiasm for developing pure electric vehicles in some regions has not decreased at all. Wei Anli told car selection: "After the Spring Festival, I went to see several factories manufacturing pure electric vehicles. After reading it, I was really distressed. The modernization of the factory construction is very high. I can't imagine that if the subsidies are removed after the Sino US trade negotiations, or the subsidies completely decline in 2020, these factories now don't get qualifications and licenses, but they are still actively investing in construction. In a small city, the planned production capacity of pure electric vehicles is as high as 800000, more than Terrible... "

in Wei Anli's view, the development of pure electric vehicles as new energy vehicles has caused a shocking amount of waste. According to the estimation of CSIS, from 2009 to 2017, the direct investment (subsidy) of the Chinese government in the new energy vehicle industry exceeded 320billion yuan, with a total of 70billion yuan of purchase tax deduction and exemption, and a total investment of 390billion yuan. Wei Anli said, "3. China's new chemical materials industry is about to enter a period of rapid development. 90billion yuan is just government subsidies, angel investment, enterprise investment, and local government investment, which has reached trillions of yuan. The money has been invested. Front-line workers are still working hard, and the technical department is still excited to study. What will be done tomorrow? How will this account be sold? Who will bear it?"

all this is because some people have misled the decision-making level by calling pure electric vehicles new energy vehicles

a big shot

"don't call pure electric vehicles new energy vehicles. It's not feasible to ban fuel vehicles. It's a fallacy that pure electric vehicles have zero emissions and no pollution!" Wei Anli made it clear

when the new policy of electric vehicle subsidies has not been implemented yet, and many people have trouble sleeping and eating, Wei Anli's statement undoubtedly gave them a heavy blow, and some people may not even find the north

Wei Anli believes that the reference to pure electric vehicles as new energy vehicles is unscientific and unfair, and it is a huge misleading for industrial development and economic development. He pointed out: "First of all, the first electric vehicle was born in 1834, 50 years earlier than the Mercedes Benz automobile factory and Daimler automobile factory established in 1886. If electricity is called new energy, what is the old energy of human beings? So I have repeatedly stressed the need to end the name of new energy vehicles, which is called electric vehicles. Secondly, it is unfair to give the name of new energy to cars, so that cars have exclusivity. Third, taking electric vehicles as The promotion of new energy vehicles has misled the development of our automobile industry and our understanding of future energy, and may even have a great impact on economic construction. " In Wei Anli's view, overtaking in curves is a kind of blind obedience, which has proved to be very wrong

in response to the statement made by some insiders in recent years that the sale of fuel vehicles should be banned, Wei Anli believes that this is unscientific, does not conform to the actual situation, and is resolutely not feasible. He said: "I can't imagine how human beings can live without internal combustion engines. First of all, the Chinese and Indian armies faced off some time ago. If everyone uses electric vehicles, once they run out of electricity, is it difficult for the two sides to negotiate that they should go home to recharge first and then continue the confrontation? Second, internal combustion engines are widely used in ships, railways, land and many other fields. Taking land freight, which lives the most closely with ordinary people, as an example, the basic requirement of commercial vehicles is to run fast and load trucks Ten tons of batteries, how can it get more goods? When a pure electric truck runs 500 kilometers and stops to charge for 12 hours, how about running fast? " In Wei Anli's view, if the above problems cannot be solved well, it is very irresponsible to blindly mention "no burning"

zero emission of electric vehicles is a fallacy. Wei Anli pointed out: "There are six kinds of energy sources for all mankind, namely water, fire, nuclear, wind, solar energy and geothermal energy. 75% of China's thermal power is generated by burning coal. Under this premise, where does the electricity of electric vehicles come from? Speaking of zero emissions, it depends on the emission system throughout the life cycle from the mine to the wheel. It can't be said that electric vehicles have zero emissions if they don't have exhaust pipes. First, traditional cars and electric cars are scrapped at the same time, and the former is compressed into a group Steel making has gone, and it will take 10000 years for the power battery of the latter to degrade naturally. The pollution produced by some materials is equal to that of nuclear waste, which must be dismantled and scrapped by professional institutions. So I very much agree with the power battery traceability and recycling mechanism introduced by the Ministry of industry and information technology, because it is responsible for future generations and a milestone. "

Wei Anli's view is very clear that thermal power generation is not a clean energy, and inadequate supervision of power battery scrapping may also cause serious pollution. The "label" of zero emissions and new energy cannot be attached to electric vehicles. Similarly, as early as on the eve of the opening of TEDA forum in 2016, He Guangyuan, the former Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry, said in an interview with the media: "electric vehicles should be called electric vehicles, not new energy vehicles. Now the industry equates new energy vehicles with electric vehicles, which I think is unscientific."

however, the right voice is always too small, the temptation of subsidies is too strong, and hot headed people rush into the field of electric vehicles. Now that the tide of subsidies has receded, many people may be stranded on the beach

harmonious development

although Wei Anli does not agree that electric vehicles "endorse" new energy vehicles. However, he highly recognizes the development achievements of power batteries in recent years

Wei Anli said, "China has been engaged in electric vehicles for so many years, and the breakthrough made in power cell research should be affirmed, which lays the foundation for the development of incremental electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles in the future."

in Wei Anli's view, electric vehicles cannot represent new energy vehicles, and the formulation of new energy is neither scientific nor reasonable. From the perspective of power, in the future, traditional fuel vehicles, incremental electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles will develop in parallel, alternating, complementary and harmonious ways

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