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Explanation of post printing technology of alcohol anti-counterfeiting packaging

equipment selection of post printing technology post printing technology is a better anti-counterfeiting method and belongs to the category of economic anti-counterfeiting. Its characteristic is that the enterprise must have certain printing equipment. On the surface, any printing equipment can become post printing equipment, but considering the printing efficiency, equipment price, economic conditions of enterprises and other factors, the equipment required by post printing technology has certain selectivity. Here are some more applicable equipment types

1. Other printing machines

whether gravure printing machine, relief printing machine, silk printing machine, etc., can be used as post printing equipment, but these equipment are basically contact printing equipment, so they will be subject to various restrictions in specific use, resulting in affecting productivity and printing effect. Therefore, in the selection of printing equipment, non-contact equipment is the best

2. Hot stamping machine

hot stamping technology is an ancient printing technology, which has always occupied a certain position in packaging and decoration. In particular, the advent of laser holographic hot stamping technology provides a technical guarantee for anti-counterfeiting packaging of alcohol

3. inkjet printer

inkjet printer is a non-contact printing machine, which does not contact the printed object during printing, has no high requirements for the plane quality of the packaging, has fast printing speed and high efficiency, and has good adaptability to the wine box printing after packaging, so it is the preferred main equipment in the printing of the production date of goods

4. laser lithography machine

laser lithography machine is a high-tech printing equipment. Yao Fangdi also pointed out that the use of composite materials in the field of non structural parts is also expanding ink. Printing is achieved by melting the surface of the printed object to form traces by focusing high-energy laser beams. Because there is no ink, the impression is clear and lasting, and it is not easy to erase. It is even proud to have imported instruments. It has a good engraving effect on all kinds of packaging materials (special coating is required for reflective materials)

post printing technology of anti-counterfeiting packaging of alcohol

ordinary wine boxes are first printed in relevant enterprises, and then taken to the distillery for packaging. The post printing of labels on wine bottles requires the packaging of goods first: wine filling, and then printing. Of course, there are special requirements for the printing position. Post printing is a method, but in terms of anti-counterfeiting packaging, because the different printing positions will directly affect the anti-counterfeiting effect, it is a technology with specific meaning. Post printing anti-counterfeiting can economically curb the counterfeiting activities of outlaws. Post printing technology refers to that the decoration and printing process of packaging is carried out after packaging. Taking the post printing process of ordinary wine as an example, we can see the power of anti-counterfeiting. The post printing process of ordinary wine is: wine and Research on aluminum based materials, such as bottle cap and film printing. Among them, the printing process ensures that the patterns are distributed on the film and bottle. The purpose cannot be achieved by pre printing. Printing can only be implemented after packaging. Every enterprise must purchase high-end printing equipment to implement post printing technology, and outlaws are unable to invest, which inhibits counterfeiting activities economically

the anti-counterfeiting effect of post printing technology is in direct proportion to the equipment investment used on site, that is, the greater the investment, the better the anti-counterfeiting effect. To make alcohol products have good anti-counterfeiting effect, we should purchase high-precision printing equipment. One problem that should be paid attention to when using post printing anti-counterfeiting method is to ensure that the purpose of destroying anti-counterfeiting is achieved. If the packaging does not adopt special design, which cannot achieve the purpose of destroying the packaging when drinking, then the empty wine bottle and bottle cap may be used for counterfeiting after being recycled by criminals. Therefore, try to destroy the integrity of the old packaging, so that the empty wine bottle can no longer be used, and its anti-counterfeiting effect will be better. One kind of material with good destructiveness is heat shrinkable film or other shrinkable films, most of which are used after the packaging process. Printing on these films will undoubtedly destroy the package when enjoying these goods, so it has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. For example, the heat shrinkable film is used to wrap the ordinary wine box. The wine box is made of whiteboard without printing any patterns or words. Then the printing process is carried out after the wine box is wrapped with the shrinkable film. Whether the patterns or words are printed on the shrinkable film. When opening the box, the shrinkable film must be destroyed first, and the integrity of the patterns or words is also destroyed. Therefore, the old packaging cannot be reused to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting

post BASF's new material solution makes driving more comfortable. Printing anti-counterfeiting can plug the loopholes in packaging logistics. There are inevitably some management loopholes in the production and circulation of packaging materials from printing plants to alcohol enterprises, such as the theft of printing plates and finished products. These loopholes will lead to the loss of packaging and bring some harm to enterprises. There are also some enterprises that do not abide by the law, which sell the printed packaging to counterfeiters at a low price through some invisible channels, making the cost of counterfeit products extremely low. Give the green light for the counterfeiting activities of outlaws. The method of post printing is that alcohol enterprises print directly in the factory, which does not have the circulation problem of packaging materials, thus blocking the loopholes in the circulation process. Undoubtedly, it is a better anti-counterfeiting method

the drive of economic interests is a major reason for the proliferation of fake alcohol. Outlaws make fake wine by manufacturing a large number of fake wine packages such as fake trademarks, fake wine bottles, fake wine bottle caps, fake wine boxes, fake wine boxes, etc. they also make fake wine by filling inferior wine with high-quality wine and mixing industrial alcohol with water. They also sell the fake wine through various channels

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