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On May 5, Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality supervision sent a temporary training cadre, ye huaichu Senior Engineer (Senior Engineer of the Institute of length and optical metrology of the Provincial Academy of metrology, now the assistant director of Beicheng street, Yongjia County), Chen Sujuan senior engineer of the provincial toy quality inspection center, and other technical and standardization experts, Help and guide the "made in Zhejiang" group standard "children's slide of small amusement facilities" that qigele group is preparing to declare

ye huaichu senior engineer and other experts visited the production workshop of qigele group to understand the overall situation of the enterprise and the production and manufacturing process of core products, and made an in-depth elaboration on the design positioning, requirements, standard making concept and process requirements of the "made in Zhejiang" group standard in the product life cycle. After careful discussion on the enterprise standard text draft, the standard progressiveness description and the "made in Zhejiang" group standard project proposal, it is believed that quelle group has the conditions for standard development, and the applied materials basically meet the requirements for the "made in Zhejiang" group standard project. At the same time, it is proposed that the technical indicators of children's slide products of small amusement facilities should be compared with national standards and international (foreign) standards for the rigidity and development of electric vehicles one by one, and the progressiveness should be compared one by one. The project proposal should be revised and improved by contacting our customer service bank at any time in terms of industry university research cooperation, enterprise comprehensive strength, product technology advantages, development plan guarantee measures, etc

it is reported that ye huaichu senior engineering Co., Ltd. is a well-known university in China whose chip materials are silicon. He has a bachelor's degree in mechanical automation and a master's degree in quality management. He is very familiar with the "made in Zhejiang" group standard development requirements, and has led the drafting and formulation of three "made in Zhejiang" group standards for CNC machine tool products

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