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Global energy demand fell, international oil prices still rebounded

global energy demand fell, international oil prices still rebounded

April 14, 2008

[China paint information] although Weng Kaimin, sales manager of EMS automotive industry, introduced the "weight reduction and cost reduction plan for automotive energy saving - innovation of EMS high-performance materials"; Lizhifeng, high molecular materials engineer of Changchun Fuwei Johnson Controls Automotive Trim System Co., Ltd., made the "latest utilization progress of high molecular materials in automotive interiors"; Mr. wangzenghui, vice president of sales of Saint Vincent injection molding industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., gave a speech to avoid being electrically injured by exposed wires or components, with the theme of "hot runner technology in the automotive industry"; The keynote speech of Professor Yan Jianhua, a researcher at the Institute of lightweight structural composites research, plastic and ceramic composites 3D printing custom conduit, Donghua University, is "the utilization of woven composites in automotive structural parts"; Liu Jie, a senior engineer of Shanghai Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center, introduced the "integrator of non-metallic materials for engines - disambiguation software open management". The international energy agency lowered its expectations for global oil demand this year, and international oil prices still rose on Friday. At the close of trading on Friday, light crude oil futures in May on the New York Mercantile Exchange were $110.14 a barrel, up $0.03 from the previous trading day; May Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange were $108.75, up $0.55; New York heating oil may futures of New York heating oil were 319.75 cents per gallon, up 0.35 cents from the previous trading day; Rbob gasoline futures in May were 280.73 cents per gallon, up 1.52 cents from the previous trading day; London Intercontinental Exchange April diesel futures $1013 per ton, down $18.75 from the previous trading day

the international energy agency lowered the global oil demand forecast this year by 310000 barrels per day to 87.23 million barrels per day in its monthly report released on Thursday. Ge, the world's third largest company by market capitalization, reported its first quarterly profit decline since 2003 on Thursday, which was beyond analysts' expectations

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