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Global experts gather in Xiqing to feel the new trend of green development of automotive materials

Abstract: the automotive materials technology working group will focus on the hot spots of harmful substances, VOC, recycling, advanced curve and CAE application, corrosion, benchmarking and other industries, constantly optimize the technical specification system, effectively provide technical support for automotive product development, and help enterprises realize the "positive optimal design" of products

the automobile industry has become an important demonstration of green manufacturing because of its long industrial chain and obvious linkage. Automotive materials, as the basis of the automotive industry, provide a continuous impetus for the development and design of automotive products and technological innovation. Therefore, from May 10 to 12, 2017, the "2017 China automotive materials (Xiqing) International Forum" jointly hosted by China Automotive Technology Research Center (hereinafter referred to as "China Automotive Center") and Tianjin Xiqing District People's government was successfully held in Tianjin

this forum adheres to the positioning of "building a platform for technical exchange and cooperation of automotive materials, and working together for the healthy and sustainable development of the automotive industry". With the theme of "innovative materials reshaping the value chain of the automotive industry", it integrates forum discussions, exhibitions, high-level exchanges, business negotiations, and selection conferences, attracting government departments at home and abroad, industry associations, complete vehicles Nearly 1000 senior leaders and authoritative experts from parts and materials enterprises gathered to discuss the macro policy trend of automotive materials and the application direction of advanced material technology

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"green benchmarking enterprise" acts as a weathervane

focuses on the current situation of automotive material selection in China. Basic research is still shallow, supporting technology precipitation is insufficient, and the supplier management system is not yet perfect, which is difficult to support the positive development of automotive products. To this end, the automotive materials technology working group established by the China automobile center in conjunction with the industry drafted the "rules for the selection of" green benchmark enterprises "of automotive materials. Through the overall evaluation of the subjective evaluation and product testing of enterprises, 119 material enterprises were attracted to participate in the application

5 this paper mainly analyzes the common faults and causes of the widely used we universal tensile and pressure testing machine, and puts forward some troubleshooting methods. On August 10, the selection results were released in Tianjin, and 10 enterprises including Baosteel, Shougang, Celanese, Toray plastics, Boru, Jinhu Rili, Bluestar silicone, kostron, Yazaki chemical and Boshi rubber were rated as green benchmark enterprises of vehicle materials in 2017, It has become a green vane for the automotive material industry in the new era

the relevant person in charge of the automotive materials technology working group pointed out that "in the future, China's automotive materials industry should lock in the general direction of green development, transform to energy conservation, environmental protection and health, press the start button to turn on Electromechanical, and transform to large-scale customization and greening. The Automotive Materials Technology Working Group will also continue to commend the advanced, stimulate the upstream and downstream development momentum, and promote the innovative application of green materials"

global experts feel the pulse for the automotive materials industry

as an international high-end materials forum and an important annual event in the field of automotive materials in China, the forum specially invites well-known experts, scholars and industry leaders at home and abroad to participate, providing the most authoritative introduction of regulations, the most professional technology sharing and the most cutting-edge development trends for the participants

Among them, Gao Yunhu, director of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out that the Department of energy conservation of the Ministry of industry and information technology will further promote the pilot of green design demonstration and green design product evaluation, create a number of green supply chains with strong demonstration driving effect, and gradually establish a market supervision mechanism for green design products. Yu Kai, Secretary of the Party committee of the China automobile center, also said that the cooperation and integration between automotive enterprises and enterprises with advanced technology research and development capabilities, such as materials and parts, has provided impetus for automotive product development and design and technological innovation, which is also an opportunity that China's automotive industry must seize in the transformation and upgrading

Jean Claude Steinmetz, chairman of the China EU Automotive Materials Committee, believes that "to achieve lightweight vehicles, we must meet the safety needs of vehicles, have the economic benefits of large-scale applications, and achieve green and recyclable utilization". Dewi Jones, engineering director of Chery Jaguar Land Rover product development department, said that the all aluminum body made of high-density aluminum can not only achieve lightweight, but also increase the static stiffness of the body by more than 20%, laying a solid foundation for vehicle dynamics and NVH performance

automobile enterprises explore five hot topics in depth

at the sub Forum on the afternoon of May 11, experts from automobile enterprises such as Chang'an, BAIC, Dongfeng and Ford, representatives of well-known material enterprises such as Yazaki chemical and ArcelorMittal, as well as scholars from scientific research institutions such as Berlin University of technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, focused on "hazardous substance control technology", "air quality improvement in vehicles", "lightweight and value optimization" "Material development and positive design" and "cutting-edge materials and advanced technology" are five hot topics for in-depth discussion

at the sub forum of "hazardous substance management and control technology", Mr. Jiangbo Guiwen, a member of the board of directors of JAPIA Environmental Management Committee, introduced the methods of building a green supply chain system in Japan's automotive industry from three aspects: the necessity of green procurement, the methods of green procurement and the achievement of green procurement goals

at the sub forum of "air quality improvement in cars", Ge Yunshan, a teacher from Beijing University of technology, systematically interpreted the compilation and revision process of domestic air quality standards in cars, and pointed out that the current version discussed is basically the same as the "guidelines for air quality evaluation in passenger cars (exposure draft)" released in January 2016. It is expected that the standard will be revised and officially released this year

at the sub forum of "lightweight and value optimization", Professor Matthias frinkbeiner of Berlin University of technology introduced in detail the evaluation method of the potential impact of products on the environment - LCA evaluation, and analyzed and interpreted the policy trend of LCA in the automotive industry

at the sub forum of "material development and positive design", Huang Jiaqi, technical director of JAC Automotive Materials Engineering Department, pointed out that in order to support the achievement of the material performance goal of the whole vehicle, JAC Automotive has established a material data management system to meet the product development, including five modules: amass PTZ, material management, approved material library, model material library, and system management, which can provide lightweight, safe Provide effective guarantee for the demand of environmental protection materials

at the sub forum of "cutting edge materials and advanced technology", Mr. Koen Van de perre, the Greater China Sales Manager of materialise company, pointed out that using appropriate methods for 3D printing can significantly reduce production costs and make up for the problem of expensive 3D printers or materials

research on automotive materials focuses on two strategic directions

under the background of green development, green driven technological innovation has become the mainstream trend of the development of the automotive industry. On May 12, at the 2017 annual meeting of the automotive materials technology working group, more than 100 representatives of member units from automobile, parts, materials enterprises and testing institutions exchanged views and discussed the two major research directions of "environmental protection technology" and "competitive materials research"

among them, the environmental protection technology exchange meeting is organized by the environmental protection technology group of the vehicle materials technology working group. At the meeting, all participants offered suggestions and suggestions for the preparation and revision of specifications such as the specification for the classification and control of hazardous substances in vehicles, the technical guide for the substitution and quantification of hazardous substances in the automotive industry, and the detection method of volatile organic compounds in non-metallic materials in vehicles; He also went to the new city center of Xiqing District, FAW Xiali, China national color special materials and China National Automobile Engineering Co., Ltd. for on-site investigation and visit, and exchanged views with enterprise experts on the final assembly of the whole vehicle, the processing technology of the aluminum shell of the generator and the coating design of the whole vehicle

research and exchange

at the "competitive material research" exchange meeting, the competitive material research group of the automotive materials technology working group was officially launched. The participants listened carefully to the working ideas of the experts of the data resource center on the material analysis of the benchmarking car and the construction scheme of the material database; And from the perspective of their own needs and development, they put forward a number of constructive suggestions on the formulation of specifications such as "competitive material analysis process", "competitive material basic information collection specification", "competitive material performance test specification"

in the next step, the automotive materials technology working group will focus on the hot spots of harmful substances, VOC, recycling, advanced curve and CAE application, corrosion, benchmarking and other industries, constantly optimize the technical specification system, effectively provide technical support for automotive product development, and help enterprises realize the "positive optimal design" of products

IFAM will continue to work in the future

at 17:00 p.m. on May 12, the three-day international forum on automotive materials (Xiqing) officially came to an end. "China automotive materials (Xiqing) International Forum (IFAM)" is an industry event held by the China automobile center based on the whole automobile industry chain since 2012. After five years of development, it has become a high-end international forum integrating the interpretation of policy authority, the closed door summit of senior leaders, the sharing of advanced technology and experience, investment negotiation, cooperation and exchange

the forum will continue to invite ministerial leaders and industry experts to participate in the authoritative interpretation of macro policies and development trends; Accelerate the development of international vision and cutting-edge technology, and lead the application direction of vehicle materials and technology; Accumulate material solutions for automotive product development and solve the core technical problems of the automotive industry; Focus on delivering advanced technology and management concepts, and give play to the role of the forum as a weathervane

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