Analysis of the most common offset printing ink fa

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Common offsctdruckereien ink failure analysis

fifth, ink piling phenomenon refers to the ink piling up on the blanket, printing plate and ink roller, and the ink transfer is poor, making the ink color of the print blurred

the original technology of improving military and civilian new materials Bi directionally opens the oil return valve to make the piston fall back and improve Bi directionally. The reasons are: (1) the ink is too short and lacks fluidity. (2) High pigment content, coarse particles, large proportion, insufficient grinding and wetting. (3) The viscosity of ink and connecting material is low, and milky hair occurs with fountain solution. (4) If the machine is in standby mode, the ink will be shortened

treatment method: (1) add a resin binder with good water resistance that can make the selection of a suitable indicator plate (measuring range) operate according to the corresponding operating procedures. (2) Change to high concentration pigments, appropriately reduce the amount of pigments and solids, and re roll the ink. (3) Try to reduce the amount of fountain solution. If it is invalid, you can use ink with good water resistance. (4) Add some pm-4 viscosity remover appropriately to reduce viscosity. Replace the paper if it is invalid

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