The hottest global ethylene demand will exceed sup

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Global ethylene demand will exceed supply

global ethylene demand will exceed supply

November 15, 2016

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at the IHS Markit Asian Chemistry Conference held in Singapore on November 10, Stev, vice president of IHS chemistry in charge of global olefin business, and other interface 1 laws adopt the standard USB interface. E Lewandowski said that there will be a shortage of global ethylene supply during the year, Because during this period, the global new demand for ethylene will exceed the new capacity

although the global ethylene production capacity from conventional and unconventional resources will increase by 28million tons/year during, in fact, the new production capacity is equal to the supply. Lewandowski warned that, therefore, extrapolating profits from these trends would be risky

at the same time, although the United States will increase its ethylene production capacity by 13million tons/year during the year, the new ethylene required for downstream derivative projects will exceed the new supply, and it is expected to be completed before the new raw materials, so the new ethylene production capacity will be consumed as soon as it is put into production

in the Chinese market, the demand for pure resin will also increase, and the supply of ethylene may be affected by the transformation of raw materials and the adverse economy of methanol to olefins

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the conclusion is that during the year, ethylene prices are expected to rise, and ethylene production profits will remain strong

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