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The global engineering plastics market will continue to grow at a high speed

although the European debt crisis is getting worse and the possibility of a double dip in the global economy makes the global economy cold, the demand for engineering plastics, including polycarbonate (PC), in the field of consumer electronics and automobiles is still good. With the continuous expansion of emerging applications such as solar energy and electric vehicles, the engineering plastics market will continue to grow at a high speed in the future

ihscmai pointed out that factors such as the decline in raw material costs, abundant market supply and seasonal demand downturn have led to the decline in polycarbonate (PC) prices since October. However, Charlie clay, President of saber basic innovative plastics, recently said: "in general, the current global engineering plastics market demand table computer screen control and display experimental force and experimental curve is good. In the main downstream durable goods industry market, the demand of consumer electronics industry remains stable, the demand of the automotive industry is also relatively strong, but the demand from the construction industry is still weak."

clay said: "The continuous promotion of lightweight strategy in the global automotive industry has provided a sustained and stable growth impetus for the company's engineering plastics business. Engineering plastics have played a key role in automotive lightweight. More and more engineering plastics are being used in automotive production to replace heavy metals, and will also replace glass in the future. The lightweight oil viscosity decline of the automotive industry has expanded to the consumer electronics industry, mobile and notebook computers And tablet computers are becoming increasingly lightweight and miniaturized. The development focus of the consumer electronics industry is portability, which provides new market development opportunities for engineering plastics. "

clay pointed out that the demand growth rate of the global engineering plastics market is consistent with the GDP growth rate, and the demand from the medical and aerospace industries is expected to grow rapidly. For U.S. manufacturers and engineering plastics suppliers, emerging markets such as the solar and electric vehicle industries provide a growth opportunity. Overall, PC demand will grow at an average annual rate of 5% - 6%

seizing this opportunity, saber basic innovative plastics is expanding global PC production capacity to meet the growth of customer demand. This year, the company has opened a 260000 ton/year PC device in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, and has announced that it will expand the production capacity of Lexan brand PC resin and film blending materials in Nansha, Guangzhou and Shanghai, China. In addition, saber basic innovative plastics will also establish a joint venture with Sinopec to invest more than US $1billion in Tianjin to build a 260000 ton/year PC device, which is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2015. C919 is the second domestic large passenger aircraft independently designed and developed by China after Yun (1) 0. In Europe, the company has opened one of the fields of tribology research. It has opened a high-end engineering plastic sheet production line to meet the construction industry demand of bergenop zoom in the Netherlands

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