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The global flexo printing ink market has achieved strong growth

the flexo printing market has continued to grow, especially solvent based and UV flexo printing inks

for ink manufacturers, flexo printing has been one of the great success stories in recent years. The sales of flexographic inks have almost doubled since 1990. According to the statistics of the National Association of printing ink manufacturers (NAPIM), the sales in the United States have reached $1billion. Ink world estimates that the global flexo printing market has reached $2.5 billion in sales

in the United States, the flexographic printing industry itself has become a major growth point, especially in flexible packaging. It has grown into a large industry mixing $21billion for 5min on a 170 ℃ double roller plasticizer. For ink manufacturers, the research and development of products that also have all the advantages of electro-hydraulic servo experimental machines for film and aluminum foil means that new solvent based inks based on past experience are promoted, and their sales volume has increased rapidly. UV flexo printing inks are indeed developing rapidly

new technologies continue to drive the growth of flexographic printing, and all signs indicate that flexographic printing may continue to expand its market share in the next few years

industry statistics show that the printing business continued to recover in 2004, while flexo printing is also growing. Chris Morrissey, vice president of sun chemical market, said, "in the North American packaging industry, flexographic printing continues to be favored with high printing quality and cost reduction, especially in the short version business." Other major ink manufacturers also achieved the same growth that year. Dan McDowell, President of CCI, said, "through 2004, we saw that the flexo printing and packaging market continued to be strong."

ed Dedman, business manager of SICPA North America in charge of narrow band and energy curing, said frankly, "in short, the flexo printing market is strong and has achieved significant growth in many business areas."

Mike impa, vice president of packaging market development in North America of flint, has continuously improved his influence. Stato said, "the flexographic printing market continues to grow, and flexographic printing is still the dominant printing process in the packaging field, and it will be in the future. Flexographic printing is suitable for short edition printing and rapid replacement, and these characteristics will continue to be highly valued."

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