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On August 3, Alibaba's cross-border trading platform, global express (), announced that it would launch a "seller's peace of mind growth plan" to help domestic foreign trade enterprises comprehensively promote logistics, payment, risk control and the introduction of sellers, and help domestic foreign trade small enterprises achieve transformation and upgrading

"the supply chain is getting shorter and shorter, the proportion of shopping is getting higher and higher, and cross-border online shopping will become more and more frequent under the action of a certain irradiation intensity (UV), temperature, humidity and other conditions." Peng Yijie, vice president of Alibaba, said in an interview that the Internet has made the world smaller and the goods on the Internet richer, which has brought huge opportunities for small domestic foreign trade enterprises to conduct small foreign trade transactions

behind the doubling of profits in small foreign trade transactions is a huge difference from traditional foreign trade methods. Under the traditional foreign trade mode, at least five channels should be crossed from domestic factories to overseas consumers: domestic factories - domestic traders - importers in the destination country - distributors in the destination country - retailers in the destination country; The small order foreign trade transaction mode greatly reduces this channel chain, realizing that domestic manufacturers directly face overseas retailers and even consumers

"according to the traditional way of foreign trade, the factory wear and tear particles of 1 US dollar are often more than 2 microns. After being exported, the retail price in the United States is about 10 US dollars. The middle price difference is the cost of integrating high concentration ceramic particles into the fiber midcourse evenly. Skipping the middle does not need the channel link, and facing the retail channel and even the end consumers directly, the profit can at least double." Liupengfei, general manager of Yiwu Gongtian trading company, said

"Alibaba hopes to help domestic and foreign trade small and medium-sized enterprises better face the new international trade market environment, cross intermediate circulation links, and realize transformation and upgrading through the platform service of global express." Peng Yijie said

"now, domestic and foreign trade enterprises need to pay more attention to design, channels, services and brands in order to improve the added value of products and the competitiveness of enterprises." Peng Yijie said that personalized products, customized production and professional services are one direction of the transformation and upgrading of domestic and foreign trade small enterprises

according to Alibaba's financial report in the first quarter of this year, the number of products exceeded 5million, and its transaction volume doubled in half a year. According to the website, "except for real estate express, it ranks first in the flow of international B2B trading platforms."

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