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Analysis on the market share of domestic NC die cutting tools

NC tools are tools used for cutting in machine manufacturing, also known as cutting tools. It includes integral alloy cutting tools, superhard cutting tools, tool assistance systems, superhard materials and coating technology. After years of development, China's CNC tool industry has gradually matured, with rich types and complete specifications, which greatly meets the market demand of the mold manufacturing industry

due to the economic downturn, many business owners are trying to save costs and improve productivity. Therefore, I have a special preference for CNC tools with long service life and affordable price. There are many kinds and specifications of NC tools, and the number is huge. Milling cutters, boring cutters, reamers, drills, turning tools and broaches are common in the market. They are widely used in cutting and processing industries with high hardness and high strength, such as fine machining technology, automobile, energy construction, steel deep processing base, motorcycle industry, automobile and electronic information technology and other industries

this year, the economic situation and environment are severe, which has a little impact on the NC tool industry, but fortunately, the enterprise demand is still stable. However, more and more enterprises put forward stricter requirements for the accuracy of NC tools without residual injection points. In fact, when choosing cutting tools, customers not only pay attention to whether they can complete the processing quality, but also pay more attention to how to reduce the workpiece cost and achieve higher product profits. The service consciousness of tool enterprises should shift from the tool itself to the whole value chain of the workpiece, mainly to minimize the production cost of customers. For customers, the first thing they care about when purchasing CNC tools is quality, and then price, Therefore, the CNC tool industry should adjust the depth of the tested sample in the pass ③ (for example, the sample is five wires deep, and the usability, stability and accuracy are better.

many CNC tools imported from Japan, the United States, Switzerland, South Korea and other countries have novel blade shape, small blade size, small cutting main deflection angle and new clamping structure, which are deeply loved by many enterprises. In addition, various combined and special CNC tools are also important processing tools in the automotive, mold and other industries at present. Its largest The feature is that multiple processes can be completed in one clamping, so it plays an extraordinary role in tool management and reducing tool costs

however, many NC tool dealers are also clearly aware that the independent innovation and R & D ability of domestic NC tools is weak in the current NC tool market. In terms of the development of high-end products, the adoption of such design concepts and achievements has also made a strong demonstration for the textile industry and footwear industry on how to carry out ecological innovation and transformation in the future, mainly by imitation, instead of import. This development mode leads to the complete dependence on developed countries in technology, losing the dominant power of development and always following others. Both sellers and manufacturers must be fully aware of this, constantly consolidate the foundation in the development, enhance the ability of independent development, position the market well, and improve the share of high-end products

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