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The development direction of the global food industry market

according to a report recently released by Capgemini Ernst & young, the world's fifth largest consulting company, in the next five years, in order to meet the habits and needs of consumers, food producers will continue to innovate their food brands and retail patterns, and will face the challenges of constantly consolidating themselves and internationalization. There are a few things to pay attention to in the experiment of the knot impact tester. The theory was obtained after the company investigated 220 leading enterprises in the food industry in 19 countries in Europe, the United States and the Asia Pacific region, and held talks with 65 senior officials in the food industry

the survey shows that global brands will occupy the main advantage, and there may be a global brand that will appear in different food categories. These brands will dominate the market in more than 100 countries, and after the decline of subsidies for these brands, there are about 10 global brand manufacturers. At the same time, international brand manufacturers will marry local famous products to meet the growing demand of consumers for local products. In addition, food retailers will build brand stores, strengthen the control of supply channels, and connect more closely with consumers

the survey found that both manufacturers and retailers believe that the food industry needs more perfect methods to carry out better business cooperation to improve the food supply chain. At the same time, it needs more comprehensive technology and more standard information. We should focus on the development

the report also concludes that most food retailers have not successfully used Internet to connect with consumers (3) host 1 must be grounded. Therefore, e-commerce is still a challenge for food enterprises

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