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Global energy interconnection helps Africa's economic transformation and development

the energy interconnection of the African continent will become an important part of global energy interconnection. Global energy interconnection will better realize the interconnection of Africa, provide modern, efficient and Sustainable Electricity for the African continent, and inject new impetus into the interconnection of electricity between Africa, Asia and Europe

Africa's energy development still faces great challenges, which are characterized by low power generation efficiency, high power generation cost, unstable and unreliable energy supply, and low power on rate. The existence of these problems has led to a very low level of modern power supply in the African continent. Taking the power industry as an example, due to the automatic completion of many problems, about 600million people in Africa still cannot enjoy reliable power supply

Africa is rich in renewable energy and fossil energy, which is enough to provide modern electric energy for all African compatriots. For example, Africa's water resources account for 12% of the world's exploitable water resources, which can bring potential power generation of 1.8 trillion kwh per year. Africa has more than 15million kilowatts of geothermal energy reserves, as well as abundant solar, wind and biomass energy. At the same time, Africa is rich in fossil energy reserves, accounting for 10% of the world's crude oil reserves and 9% of the world's natural gas reserves. The huge resource reserves have brought great opportunities for the development of power in the African continent, promoting its power development at the regional, national and local levels. But at present, what needs to be solved is the factors that restrict its energy development, including politics, finance, technology and so on

the distribution of resources in Africa is very uneven. Through the integrated interconnection, resources can be shared, and this imbalance can be transformed into the advantages of Africa's development. Energy integration will also improve the efficiency, stability and security of power supply in Africa, promote the development and utilization of clean energy, improve the environment, and use renewable energy to provide modern and sustainable electricity

the energy interconnection of the African continent will become an important part of the global energy interconnection. Global energy interconnection will better realize the interconnection of Africa (2) the utilization and interconnection of high-precision measurement and control systems and data processing systems, provide modern, efficient and Sustainable Electricity for the African continent, and inject new impetus into the realization of the electrical interconnection between Africa, Asia and Europe. Building global energy interconnection will create more employment opportunities for young people in Africa and bring peace and stability to African countries and regions

the development goal of the African Union is to build a united, prosperous and peaceful Africa dominated by African compatriots and become an active force on the world stage. The 2063 agenda of the African Union refers to the need to speed up infrastructure construction, promote the development of markets and transactions, and complete economic transformation through high-level policy formulation, consensus building, and the joint efforts of the entire African continent

the African Union Commission aims to build regional integration and achieve sustainable development in Africa, and develops regional energy infrastructure through the formulation of "African infrastructure construction plan" and other plans. In the field of energy, the plan mainly focuses on the construction of regional energy infrastructure to promote interregional trade and promote regional integration. According to the priority action plan of "Africa's infrastructure development plan for the future commercialization of composite materials and other materials such as inks", 15 regional energy projects will be completed in the short term, including nine major hydropower projects, the construction of four transmission lines connecting the continental power pool and two regional oil pipelines. It is estimated to cost $40billion. With the completion of these projects, inter regional power trading and cooperation will be greatly improved, and energy security will continue to improve. If the long-term goal of the "Africa infrastructure development plan" is successfully achieved by 2040, the energy expenditure of African countries will be reduced and the power supply of 800million people will be increased

the African Union Commission is stepping up the construction of a unified regional and continental regulatory framework for the African energy industry, promoting the development of the power market among Member States, improving individual participation, maximizing the mobilization of financial and technical resources, and building regional interconnection projects

Africa has set a number of goals at the same time and is committed to developing sustainable and modern energy that benefits the whole continent. For example, the African Development Bank's slightly pressure testing machine, also known as the electronic pressure testing machine, announced the "new African energy deal" earlier, with the goal of achieving full electrification by 2025; The development goal of "sustainable energy for all" set by the United Nations for Africa will achieve universal power supply by 2030. The "African Renewable Energy Initiative" proposed at the 21st United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris plans to increase renewable energy power generation by 10million kW by 2020 and 300million kW by 2030

global energy interconnection is technically and economically feasible. Although it is challenging, it can be achieved after all, because it benefits everyone. Power interconnection is a very ideal state, which will bring many opportunities and require global cooperation

the global energy interconnection development cooperation organization actively promotes global power interconnection, and China has a lot of experience in this regard and is fully capable of making a difference in establishing global energy interconnection. In promoting regional energy connectivity, the development goals of the African Union are consistent with the concept of global energy connectivity. The African Union is willing to work with the global energy connectivity development cooperation organization and other institutions to promote the construction of regional and transcontinental energy connectivity in Africa

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