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Strength of No.1 | XCMG pump truck won the single month export crown again

no.1 strength | XCMG pump truck won the single month export crown again

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since this year, XCMG's overseas export has achieved good results, and XCMG pump truck series products have won the single month self operated export crown of Chinese brands in May

why is XCMG pump truck so popular in the international market

the overseas customer Stevin is a user of XCMG's new generation V7 pump truck. Talking about his impression of the product, he said that this pump truck has a stable boom and can be operated remotely, greatly reducing labor costs

XCMG pump truck is under construction at a construction site in the Middle East

at a construction site in the Middle East where Stevin is located, a new generation of V7 pump truck products with brand-new technology have solved the problem of manually stretching and fixing the construction operation with the pump workers, liberated the pump workers' hands, and significantly improved the safety and stability

XCMG pump truck is under construction at a construction site in Africa

in the opinion of African customer James, in addition to the excellent performance of XCMG V7 pump truck, fuel saving and economic benefit are the biggest highlights of this product. He calculated such an account for us. The V7 rice was used to count the pump truck, with 908 cubic meters of materials and 240 liters of oil. The comprehensive fuel consumption was only about 0.26l/cubic meter, which was much higher than that of similar products

with the perfect integration of European SCHWING technology and made in China, XCMG V7 series products have more advanced technology, more reliable quality, more stable performance and more exquisite models

in March this year, at the V7 series concrete machinery product promotion conference held by Shi Weiying of XCMG, a delegation from a Southeast Asian country made a special trip to XCMG. Through on-site investigation and visit, it had a strong interest in XCMG's equipment and ordered nearly 100 sets of XCMG's concrete machinery products on the spot

since the beginning of this year, China and India have the most growth potential and the space products have been listed overseas, which has continued to trigger a rush buying boom, and some regions even have a situation that it is difficult to find a car. At the construction sites of many countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road", XCMG's pump truck products have appeared frequently and received high praise. According to incomplete statistics, XCMG concrete machinery products represented by V7 series products have covered nearly 100 countries in the world

XCMG's best-selling concrete machinery products are only a microcosm of XCMG's internationalization process. In recent years, under the guidance of internationalization strategy, XCMG products are conquering more and more global customers with their excellent performance and quality

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