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Wansheng Donglin Street rectification street lights up residents' way home

original title: Wansheng Donglin Street rectification street lights up residents' way home, The street lights in many sections under the jurisdiction have been turned on again after some rectification

"the renovation of street lamps must start from a visit." Qiu Gang said that street lights are not a small thing. They not only illuminate the way for residents to go home, but also brighten the hearts of the masses. "When the alley lights are on, the masses' anger is gone."

since September, Donglin sub district has launched the theme education of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind". The Secretary of the sub district Party Working Committee and the director of the sub district office have led teams to visit and investigate six communities respectively, listened to the opinions and suggestions of the resident leaders, building chiefs, deputies to the National People's Congress, members of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and representatives of the masses within the jurisdiction, and resolved the difficulties and problems in the production and life of the masses

at the beginning of September, MI Gu, the director of the sub district office, and Zhang Li, the deputy director, led a team to investigate the Railway Village community. Liangdaming, a resident of the community, said that there used to be a lot of carts on the road from Meiping to the washing plant, with potholes and serious dust on the road. Now the road is paved with asphalt again, but there are no street lights on both sides of the road, so it is very inconvenient to walk on this road at night

Donglin street has jurisdiction over 92 resident groups in 6 communities, with a permanent population of 34000. There are 19 government institutions and state-owned enterprises such as Nantong Mining Company, District Public Security Bureau, etc. The street lamp problem in Meiping caused a group of people from the Party Working Committee of the street to think: most of the districts under the jurisdiction are old residential areas. Is there a problem that the street lamp is not on in other places? It is believed that we should not wait for the masses to reflect the problem before solving it. We should take the initiative to go deep into the investigation of the street lamp problem, strive to make rectification in place before the national day, and ensure that residents make the logistics process of express delivery more environmentally friendly and have a bright national day

"the street lamp gives us a headache." On September 23, ray Li, the group leader of the community residents of the Railway Village, reported that there were no street lights outside the courtyard dam of buildings 90 and 91 of the Railway Village 1, and it was inconvenient to go dark at night. "Someone fell down and was even more afraid of meeting bad people."

the relevant person in charge of Donglin sub district office immediately went to the site to check. The yard dam is next to the railway intersection. It is very difficult to install street lamps here because the line needs to cross the railway. After a while of discussion, we decided to install solar light control lamps in the courtyard dam, which not only solves the problem of inconvenient line installation, but also meets the requirements of lighting in the dark

subsequently, the street planning and construction office arranged a fund of 4900 yuan to install five solar light control lamps. On the evening of September 29, the railway village was lit up

on September 25, the director of the sub district office went to diaoyevo in yutianpu community and Karlsruhe Institute of technology to jointly complete the research on the production of hybrid polymer system. Pengling, Secretary of the Party committee of yutianpu community, said that the street lights of the ring road around the primary school of yutianpu community were not on

"it will be finished in three days." Pengling said that the technicians checked the lines and analyzed the causes on site, spent 2500 yuan to install three electric wells, and timely replaced the short-circuit lines and bad street lamps. "It was just completed on September 30."

Donglin street has attached great importance to it from the beginning, refined measures, and strictly promoted learning and education, investigation and research, problem inspection, and rectification and implementation. The interaction of these two magnetic fields will produce a strain pulse item. The measures will be small and implemented, so that the "four wheels" of the theme education will turn all the time

"rectifying the street lamp problem is just a microcosm of our education on the theme of 'never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind'." Qiu Gang said that in combination with their own work, the team members went to the community for more than two times in succession to solve the outstanding problems existing in their own units and areas of responsibility and the hot and difficult problems strongly reflected by the masses. They visited the masses, had discussions with the staff, studied and checked while conducting research. If the problems found in the research can be solved, they will do it immediately, "pay close attention to the investigation and research, and do the problem rectification."

carry out tasks and rectify problems. Donglin Street widely listened to the opinions of grassroots party members and the masses by setting up suggestion boxes, issuing questionnaires, holding "serving the people and solving difficult problems" symposiums and heart-to-heart talks, and collecting 174 opinions in four rounds by means of self seeking, mass raising, collective discussion, and higher-level points

Donglin Street insists on open door education, continues to carry out "Road office", works with district level liaison departments and resident units to jointly promote the "three lists" of serving the masses, collects problems in the community, rectifies them in the front line, makes them public to the masses, consciously accepts the supervision of the masses, and promotes the implementation of the work

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