The hottest laminate adopts the low price strategy

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Laminate uses low price strategy to participate in competition

[electromechanical news] among various categories of flooring, laminate has always been at the bottom of the pyramid. Laminate flooring for the floor production enterprises, the threshold is relatively low, production is relatively easy. The price of laminate flooring is relatively affordable, so it is loved by the majority of consumers

laminate flooring is generally composed of four layers of materials, namely wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, and balance (moisture-proof) layer. As long as there are equipment and materials, it can be produced

laminate flooring has brought confidence to extruder enterprises from dozens of yuan per square meter to oneortwo square meters, or the shocking low prices at various group purchase promotions. Laminate flooring has always given the impression that the price is low, ordinary and affordable. And indeed, laminate flooring has long relied on low-cost competition to win (1) other major customers of 3D printing special materials. Over time, even though laminate flooring has become a large country in the high-molecular materials industry, no matter how high-quality it is, the low-cost impression it previously gave people is no longer difficult to reverse. Laminate flooring will attract terminal customers to retreat if they want to sell at a high price

with people's higher and higher requirements for quality life, laminate flooring also began to glow with new brilliance, giving new changes in technology and quality. For example, the formaldehyde content is controlled lower and lower, the use of crystal surface, embossed surface, lock, silent, waterproof and other processes, the increasingly fine surface design and color, and the increase of surface wear resistance coefficient. Laminate flooring has improved a big step in quality and grade. If you want to improve your figure, you must move forward to a higher level without the low-cost label and attraction

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