The hottest lamps and lanterns are clean. It seems

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Lamps and lanterns are clean. I'll do a spa for lamps and lanterns at home regularly

led lights play an increasingly important role in our life. They are the main light source of modern space. When cleaning LED lights, remember not to wipe them with a wet cloth, otherwise their service life will be reduced. Just gently wipe away the dust with a dry rag or dust removal tool. In case of stubborn stains, you can add a little water on the rag to clean, but you should quickly dry the water stains before turning on the light

crystal lamp

crystal lamp has a beautiful appearance, which can add a beautiful scenery to home 98.07. However, if you don't see the correct instructions of our country for cleaning for a long time, it will be dim and lose the charm of crystal lamp. Due to the particularity of the crystal lamp, cleaning the crystal lamp must pay attention to skills: first, cut off the power supply and take off the bulb. When taking off the bulb, pay attention to the balance of the lamp, and remove it evenly from both sides of the lamp to avoid damage to the crystal lamp due to weight loss on one side. It will be tested that the tensile performance of the composite storage tank based on carbon nanotube fiber is better than that of the traditional epoxy carbon fiber composite

secondly, use the special detergent for crystal lamp, because ordinary detergent may have a chemical reaction with crystal lamp. If there is no special detergent, you can use a dry rag that is not easy to produce cotton wadding to wipe away the dust

finally, the bulb and lamp holder can shine again after cleaning and reinstallation

glass lamp

transparent glass lamp can always give people a better visual experience and add sex appeal to the space. If oil leakage is found, it is necessary to clean the glass lamp within a fixed period of time in order to keep the glass lamp transparent forever, as long as you use a special cleaning cloth for glass to wipe with water. If you want to keep the metal of the glass lamp shiny, you can use household maintenance wax or water wax to wipe in the way of "drawing a circle", It can reduce the oxidation rate of metal and keep the lamps as bright as new

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