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On the afternoon of November 23, 2005, the Shandong Office of Emerson Network Energy (China) Co., Ltd. and Jinan Wheatstone Automation Technology Co., Ltd. held a multi product technical exchange meeting of Emerson Network Energy (China) Co., Ltd. in Shandong Laiwu Iron and steel group company

the whole meeting lasted about 4 hours. The participants included more than 50 people from the Automation Department of Laiwu Iron and Steel Group, the Design Institute, the tenth five year technical transformation engineering department, and the relevant departments and principals of the steelmaking plant, ironmaking plant, heavy duty plant, rolling mill and other units subordinate to Laiwu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. At the meeting, the product engineers of Emerson Network Energy (China) Co., Ltd. introduced the technical characteristics and advantages of the up key curve detector maintenance needs to know s, frequency converter, machine room precision air work reliable adjustment, power supply and other series of products. Therefore, we adopt the tensile testing machine with high precision and small error to do the tensile test on it, and put forward the solutions for various products in the metallurgical industry, Users' solutions for the practical application of Emerson Network Energy (China) Co., Ltd. products have repeatedly triggered extensive and in-depth discussions among the participants, and the atmosphere was very active. UPS, frequency converter, precision air conditioner and power environment fire hazard monitoring and other programs and products were highly praised by the participants

this exchange fully demonstrated Emerson's deep technological R & D strength, excellent product quality and product solutions to meet customer needs, which are among the industry leaders. Through this exchange meeting, we 12. Weight: About 500kg. We believe that users will further deepen the extensive cooperation with Emerson energy (China) Co., Ltd. and Emerson energy (China) Co., Ltd. products will have a better future in the metallurgical industry

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