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LAN Pufeng released a new version of programmable gate to help industrial interconnection

from the transformation of manufacturing IOT to the industrial interconnection of various scenes of intelligent manufacturing, how to achieve data acquisition to obtain more effective native information of field devices, and how to effectively control many complex devices in the field signal processing layer, is the focus of attention in the industry at the recent stage

recently, LAN Pufeng took advantage of the trend to launch a new version of the programmable gate rpc2400, adding a more intelligent algorithm unit to carry out communication processing through the programmable mode, which is suitable for standard and non-standard communication protocols. Rpc2400 can realize the mode of two master stations, realize timing and segmented control, collect and process the data of slave stations with different network structures, and convert it into data that meets the requirements for uploading and control execution, which is more flexible and convenient to use

rpc2400 body is equipped with 3 RS485 interfaces (1 channel RS232 and RS485 interface multiplexing) and 1 Ethernet port, supporting Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and free protocol. Through programming and downloading, the shared memory of multiple communication ports and the mutual transmission of programming can be realized

rs485 interface adopts different ways to realize flexible application. Among them, two independent RS485 interfaces have Modbus RTU master and slave communication instructions, which can help users quickly read and write data and facilitate the construction of different control logic. For example, RS485 communication is changed from the application mode of one master and many slaves to the communication mode of two master and many slaves

in the current industrial network environment, the signal can realize the three closed-loop control of load, displacement and deformation, which requires the equipment layer structure to be more and more complex. Rpc2400 will help users solve the puzzle of being unable to support two masters and multiple slaves in the existing network environment. In addition, the other RS485 supports RS232 and RS485 multiplexing, which supports the communication of previous industrial equipment, especially when users want to make full use of old equipment and integrate it into the new network environment. RS232 interface can also realize program download and data exchange between communication ports

rpc2400's 1-channel Ethernet interface supports modbus/tcp slave protocol, and supports up to 4 clients to link at the same time. " A technical director of a waterproof enterprise told Caijing that when engineers design the network structure, they can use the Ethernet interface to access the backbone network, or the mainstream of the steel raw material market is weak, and individual markets are stable, making good use of the Ethernet interface to access the wireless network to realize wireless communication

the unique programmable ability makes rpc2400 a small control system to solve hardware communication. As a programmable gate developed by lanpufeng company based on PLC technology, rpc2400 supports six programming languages under IEC standard, with an operation speed of 0.06 s (Boolean operation instruction) and unlimited number of counters. Technical engineers with PLC experience can directly carry out secondary development, integrating the control, monitoring and IO acquisition of the equipment signal layer

rpc2400 is small in size, less than 3.5-inch mobile hard disk, and takes up very little space. With metal shell, it has strong anti-interference ability and excellent adaptability to harsh environment and industrial environment

at present, industrial interconnection has been deeply penetrated in industry and manufacturing. Hundreds of millions of devices need to realize network interconnection and become a member of IOT. The programmable ability, data acquisition and interaction ability of rpc2400 are very suitable for the current equipment transformation, plant workshop and network structure transformation of small and medium-sized systems. Rpc2400 can communicate with equipment from multiple manufacturers. 3. Do not scratch the surface of the machine with sharp tools. It has been widely used in air conditioning, buildings, sewage treatment, subway and other fields

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