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Laminated glass anti-theft door will conquer the market strongly

analysis of "laminated" glass: a special intermediate film is sandwiched between two or more layers of glass, and then the integrated deep-processing glass is made by high temperature and high pressure. This technology plays a vital role in anti-theft. Because the special intermediate film has extremely strong tensile strength, ductility and other physical properties, it is very difficult to cut the laminated glass from only one side, even if the thief uses the silent glass cutter, it has no effect to ensure that the sample will not slip during the experimental process; When the sample is broken, even if the thief breaks the glass, the integrity can still be maintained because the middle layer and the glass have been firmly adhered together. The strength and toughness ratio of "laminated" glass is also higher than that of ordinary materials. Thieves use electric tools or gas cutting torches, but they can't damage the whole glass, providing a good security guarantee for preventing broken windows from entering the house and stealing. This kind of laminated glass has strong impact resistance, such as hammers, fire axes, firewood cleavers and so on. Thieves still cannot enter the room

experts pointed out that "sandwich" glass products will gradually increase in China. This kind of "sandwich" glass also has a good role in energy conservation and environmental protection. When the sun directly irradiates a colorless laminated glass, the intermediate membrane can absorb most of the heat, and only a small part of the heat is radiated indoors, making it difficult for indoor and outdoor heat energy transmission, reducing heat consumption, so as to maintain indoor temperature and reduce air conditioning energy consumption. In addition, the color intermediate film can isolate more than 99% of ultraviolet rays and reduce the fading degree of indoor fabrics. Laminated glass will not block the visible light while isolating ultraviolet light. It is the "green building material" chosen by many construction projects

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