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Lambda has recently launched a 1000 watt power supply with medical safety specifications

standard switching power supply industry leader Denson Randa Co., Ltd. launched a 1000 Watt AC-DC single output power supply with medical safety specifications in Tokyo in January 2008, expanding its already successful SWS series power supply product line. Sws1000l has three output voltage options: 5V, 12V and 24V. Among them, SW and even the stress-strain curve can be displayed instantly during the test. The peak power of s1000l-24v can reach 1224w Deshenglanda will enrich the output voltage of this series in succession. Add 3.3V, 60V and other output voltage varieties. The withstand voltage between input and output of sws1000l series is 4kvac. Even if level B conduction is maintained, when electromagnetic interference is radiated. Its leakage current can be maintained at a low level of 300 a). The high voltage insulation and low leakage current characteristics of sws1000l meet the requirements of medical safety regulations en/ul, making it an ideal power supply for medical equipment such as drug dispensers, blood analysis instruments, gene DNA analysis instruments, etc

sws1000l working temperature is -20 to +74 C. In addition, it also has the function of low-temperature start < -40 C load 100%.>, For systems operating at extreme temperatures. For example, outdoor display screen, road traffic signal system, sws1000l this feature has become the power supply choice that it can hope to bring you help. At the same time, sws1000l has a built-in temperature control fan, which greatly reduces the noise (up to 8 dB). This feature makes sws1000l also an ideal power supply for indoor equipment. For example: vending machines, automatic detectors, factory automatic equipment and control systems

sws1000l accepts 85vac to 265vac universal input, and makes it comply with global power standards. For non-standard system voltage, sws1000l can provide a wide range of output voltage regulation, with an adjustable range of up to +/- 20%. Most models can input a V voltage from the outside for remote output voltage regulation, with a very wide range of regulation, 20% to 120% of the normal output voltage, This feature enables the sws1000l series to be used as a cheap programmable power supply or laboratory equipment power supply

sws1000l features also include a 12v/0.1a auxiliary power output, fan failure alarm, DC output normal signal, current sharing parallel function, overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating protection function. Sws1000l series power supply has CE mark and UL, CSA, en, en, UL, en50178 safety certification. The impact and vibration tests meet the requirements of mil-std-810f. All models of conducted and radiated electromagnetic interference meet en55011-b, en55022-b, fcc-b standards, and electromagnetic immunity meets EN standards. Higher harmonic current conforms to en class a specification

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