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Ladies use ykang electric cleanser Pore Cleaner electronic beauty instrument lead-in instrument blackhead suction instrument feeling

using ykang electric cleanser feeling:

quite cost-effective. When I got it, I felt it was easy to reduce the change of material volume when it changed from liquid to solid. My colleagues thought that a good sensor would cost hundreds of dollars. Because the battery cannot be mailed in Hangzhou, the customer service also sent an extra box of cosmetic cotton. I specially tried it twice before evaluating it. I'm most satisfied with the cleaning effect. I washed it very clean. I'm very satisfied with both quality and customer service Expand to view detailed evaluation>

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ykang electric cleanser specification parameters

product parameters:

Product Name: ykang yk-1108

power supply method: Battery

brand: ykang

model: yk-1108

Color Classification: red and gold

gear: 3

function: Import Guide Vibration massage anion average load other/other

whether it vibrates: Yes

applicable scenario: household

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