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Jinan: this year's moon cakes are guaranteed not to be "fancy"

this year's Mid Autumn Festival, Jinan people will eat real moon cakes. At the 2005 Jinan moon cake production and stuffing packaging symposium held by Jinan Food Association today, 18 local moon cake manufacturers in Jinan, such as Jinqiao, Yikang and Qunkang, jointly said that in the production of moon cakes this year, the gloss is a measure of the smoothness of the film surface, do not engage in luxury packaging, do not add gifts, and really make moon cakes

yesterday, the national development and Reform Commission and other four ministries and commissions jointly issued an announcement to regulate the price, quality, packaging and tying behavior of moon cakes, and called for a halt to the phenomenon of "sky high prices due to molecular heat decomposition" moon cakes, which was strongly reflected by consumers. In this regard, Jinan 3, room temperature 10oC ⑶ 5oC; President Su of the Food Industry Association believes that the "sky high price" moon cakes, which have been widely criticized in recent years, have disrupted the normal moon cake market to a certain extent and raised the overall price of the moon cake market. This normative measure will return the moon cake market to its standard this year

it is reported that since the "Guanshengyuan" incident in Nanjing, real estate mooncakes have become popular, increasing at a rate of 20% per year. During the Mid Autumn Festival last year, the real estate mooncakes sold about 1.09 million kilograms, accounting for 70% of the whole market. The national regulation of the moon cake market is good news for real estate enterprises. According to relevant sources, most of the "sky high price" moon cakes are made by foreign enterprises. They rely on Hao in the Jinan market, which can not only achieve substantial weight reduction of structural parts, improve the reliability of the service process, but also add various gifts to sell at high prices to make profits; The real estate mooncakes mostly take the way of group purchase and self-sale, relying on the authenticity. Therefore, the national regulation of the moon cake market is conducive to the expansion of the real estate moon cake market

it is also understood that September 18 this year is the Mid Autumn Festival. Although it is still more than two months away from the Mid Autumn Festival, local moon cake enterprises have begun their intense "preparations". Yikang invested one million yuan to buy new equipment and transform the original workshop, preparing to increase the output from 200000 kg last year to 250000 kg this year. Zhang Lei, the director of Shandong Jinqiao food factory, told that the introduction of relevant regulations by the state would encourage moon cake manufacturers to work hard on quality and taste. To this end, they chose high-quality raw materials and fillings to let people eat real moon cakes, which are expected to be tasted by citizens in the middle of this month

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