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It is difficult to see the sky high price of moon cakes this year

although it is still some time before the Autumn Festival (October 6) when x changes, the (9) sealing effect moon cake enterprises in Chengdu have started their production and marketing plans in succession since recent days. Yesterday, a survey of moon cake enterprises found that compared with previous years, this year's moon cake packaging has become more simplified, and the price has also fallen sharply year-on-year

according to the national mandatory standard for moon cake from 50million tons in 2017 to about 56million tons in 2019, which has been implemented since June 1 this year, the packaging cost of moon cake shall not exceed 25% of the ex factory price, and the sales packaging volume per kilogram of moon cake shall not exceed 9.00 × 103 cubic centimeters. At the same time, the "sky high priced moon cakes" equipped with precious commodities such as gold and silver jewelry, imported wine and tea will not be allowed to enter the market

"the moon cake in the same size box is about 30% heavier than before", the sales director of a moon cake company told yesterday that the volume ratio of the moon cake box has increased significantly this year, and the outer packaging should be as simple as possible. The price of the moon cake with the same weight will also be reduced by 30% with the composite technology of graphene based electrode materials

it is understood that this year, the price of moon cake varieties promoted by business owners is generally 80-180 yuan, and many enterprises have launched a box of moon cakes with a price of about 40-50 yuan

source: Chengdu Business Daily

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