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Senyuan Jigong held a new product launch and joint venture project signing ceremony

Senyuan Jigong held a new product launch and joint venture project signing ceremony

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November 25, 2014, the fourth four-day session (often affected by experimental temperature, humidity, impact speed, sample geometry and stress mode, etc.)) the seventh China International Construction machinery, building materials machinery The engineering vehicle and Equipment Expo (2014 Shanghai BMW exhibition) kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a leading enterprise in the domestic construction and maintenance machinery industry, Senyuan Jigong held a new product launch and a signing ceremony for joint venture and cooperation projects at the BMW exhibition. Guosongsen, chairman of Senyuan Co., Ltd., first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the industry colleagues and media friends who came to the event, and said that the new product launch and the signing of the joint venture project would be a great honor for Senyuan Jigong will make a very important contribution to the future development

guosongsen, chairman of Senyuan shares, made a speech

Qin Guolin, general manager of Jigong, introduced Senyuan at the press conference Jigong brought a horizontal local cold regenerator and two new products: "mobile asphalt mixture mixing equipment" and "mobile plant mixing cold regenerator" at the BMW Shanghai Exhibition. Show you Mori yuan Jigong has made gratifying achievements in technological innovation, product research and development, and continuous optimization of regeneration strategy

Qin Guolin, general manager of Jigong, the technical characteristics and advantages of the two new products: "the milling drum operation unit of sy2500 local cold regeneration machine can be moved 300mm from left to right, which can effectively adapt to the special working conditions close to the kerb and road width changes during operation. The milling depth is 350mm, and the regeneration of cement and emulsified asphalt can be completed." Qin Guolin is more confident about the market prospect of lby2000 mobile asphalt mixing station: "this new product of full mobile asphalt mixing station is very suitable for the situation that the highway mileage is long, the equipment needs to be transferred many times, and the material is urgently needed after the site is uncertain or determined. I believe it will achieve very good performance in the market in the future!" Wang Shaohui, general manager of Beijing First Highway Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd., and Jiang Bin, deputy general manager, attended the signing ceremony of the project cooperation. Wangshaohui said: Sen yuan The cooperation between Jigong and the first group is a win-win choice. The resources of the enterprises of both sides will form complementary advantages after cooperation. I believe Mori yuan The future development of Jigong and the first group can benefit a lot from it

the cooperation signing ceremony of Senyuan Co., Ltd. Beijing First Highway Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd.

another signing project is Senyuan Ji Gong and Qinhuangdao Municipal Construction Group Co., Ltd. jointly established a joint venture. Wang Chuang, deputy general manager of Qinhuangdao Municipal Construction Group, and Hou Lixin, assistant to the president, attended the event. Qinhuangdao Municipal Construction Group has developed in Qinhuangdao for more than 50 years. Its business involves municipal public works construction, highway transportation engineering, pressure pipeline installation, road maintenance engineering, etc., and it is extremely rich in resources in the local market. While cooperating with the newly-built plastic pipe laboratory in senbaotou to open up the road regeneration and maintenance market, it also opens up the market for the sales of related products of Senyuan and the detection service of urban underground pipe robots. The joint venture company will be engaged in highway, national and provincial trunk lines, urban road pavement construction, maintenance and pavement regeneration engineering, engineering machinery agency, sales and leasing business

signing ceremony between Senyuan and Qinhuangdao Municipal Construction Group

in recent years, Senyuan adheres to the value concept of "green maintenance, economic efficiency" and leads the industry in the field of pavement maintenance. At present, the company's products include asphalt geothermal regeneration, asphalt mixing equipment, snow removal equipment, and preventive maintenance equipment that can directly detect the thermal characteristics of thin films in the world A full range of road maintenance machinery, such as road repair equipment, has become an absolutely leading enterprise in the domestic road construction and maintenance machinery industry. Senyuan Jigong has also been adhering to the corporate purpose of doing everything for customers, adhering to the industry mission of green construction and maintenance, actively investing in technological innovation and research and development, and injecting new energy into the green road of national industry

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