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Moon cake packaging waste 2.5 billion sky high price moon cakes are also a hotbed of corruption

also near the Mid Autumn Festival, some sky high price moon cakes with gold and silver have appeared one after another, and are becoming increasingly fierce, which makes many people wonder: has such moon cakes become "tasty"? Has the traditional festival, which should be very warm, been tarnished by vulgar practices? A box of mooncakes costs 310000 yuan. In recent oneortwo years, the price of some mooncakes is ridiculously high: in Changchun, a mooncake costs more than 1800 yuan, and a pair of golf clubs are installed in the gift box

in Zhengzhou, a pure silver moon cake named Huahaoyueyuan weighs 1kg, and is inlaid with 56 natural gemstones, priced at 6900 yuan

in Kunming, a moon cake costs more than 310000 yuan. In addition to an Olympus digital camera, a video camera, a bottle of Wuliangye, a Parker gold pen and a famous brand lighter, the moon cake gift box is also equipped with high-grade health products, tea, etc. More strangely, this box of mooncakes is also equipped with a housing of more than 100 square meters, said Chang Guowu, director of the comprehensive Department of the raw material industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology

Feng Chunrong, director of the policy and regulation department of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, said, "at present, although people have many doubts about the practice of moon cake matching sales, China's laws and regulations have no special provisions on this. The daily supervision and spot check of the quality inspection department are generally only aimed at the moon cake itself, and the quality of those various tie-in goods is often unknown."

consumers spend 2.5 billion yuan on packaging, and the phenomenon of excessive packaging has long been commonplace in the moon cake market. A piece of moon cake, no matter how fine it is made and how carefully it is selected, costs only a few yuan, and a box of moon cakes costs dozens of yuan. According to insiders, at present, the gross profit of ordinary moon cakes on the market is only 15% to 30%, while the gross profit of luxury moon cakes may reach hundreds of percent

relevant statistics show that at present, packaging in China pays more attention to the adoption of new technologies and new models to improve the traditional industrial cost, which has accounted for 1/3 of the total cost of moon cake production. The evaluation of the anti scratch function of double FHL line gear oil at the speed of 800r/min and the correspondence between the driving test are ignored. The annual cost for moon cake packaging has reached 2.5 billion yuan. "The wool comes from the sheep", and this expenditure will ultimately be "paid by the consumers"

sky high priced moon cakes are also a "hotbed" of corruption.

"those who eat don't buy them, and those who buy them don't eat them." Moon cakes at sky high prices have become a typical gift. It is for this reason that people continue to question: are buyers of sky high priced moon cakes out of their own pockets? Is there any shadow of public consumption? Are there any national staff and state-owned enterprise managers who accept these sky high price moon cakes? If so, is it bribery

as for the behavior of sending sky high priced moon cakes to state workers and state-owned enterprise managers, fan Ping said that this is no different from giving money, houses, children studying abroad, and valuable calligraphy and paintings, which should belong to bribery and bribery

"in a sense, China is a relationship society. The fundamental reason why sky high priced moon cakes appear is to meet the social needs of some people to establish, consolidate and develop certain relationships." Renjianming, an associate professor at the school of public administration of Tsinghua University, said that festivals such as the Mid Autumn Festival are a very important opportunity. Some people may hide their ears and steal the bell and offer bribes under the guise of sending moon cakes

Ren Jianming said, "To fundamentally prevent the sky high price moon cakes from becoming a tool of corruption, we must strengthen the constraints on the exercise of public power and the allocation of resources for the public development of the spacecraft industry, which still has a long way to go. We should start from improving relevant systems and rules, reduce the discretion of officials, ensure that the exercise of public power and the allocation of public resources are truly open and transparent, and prevent the occurrence of black box operations and money power transactions from the source."

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