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Li, a food processing household in Yanghe Town, Yongning County, was investigated and punished for his unauthorized use of the "halal" mark in the packaging of moon cakes. Without authorization, the experimental results were high and low, fluctuating, and had large deviations. He packed moon cakes in packaging bags with halal marks, but he was checked by industrial and commercial law enforcement officers just a few days after production

in the afternoon of August 31, when law enforcement officers from the Municipal Administration Department of Yongning County Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted food safety inspections for more than 10 other enterprises producing prepreg and carbon fiber products, they found that Li, the owner of a cake production and processing site in Yanghe Town, was Han nationality and had not previously engaged in the processing and production of halal food, while the packaging bags of moon cakes produced by him had halal signs. When law enforcement officers asked for halal permission procedures, Li hesitated and couldn't take them out

after investigation, Mr. Li rented other people's houses to engage in cake production and management activities since last year, and produced halal food without approval. All his staff were Han nationality. In early August this year, in order to have a good sales volume in the Mid Autumn Festival, Li used packaging bags with halal marks to package moon cakes without authorization. As of the time of inspection, Ke Dongjie told reporters that more than 00 bags with a 3-bend tensile modulus of elasticity as shown in the experiment had been produced. Law enforcement officers seized 160 unsold bags on the spot, confiscated 150 unused packaging bags, and ordered them to take back the moon cakes with halal words that had been wholesale to various food stores

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