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Moon cake slimming tests the wisdom of merchants

with the release of the joint announcement of the four ministries and commissions of the state to limit the excessive packaging of moon cakes, domestic moon cake manufacturers have reduced prices, which also led to a substantial reduction in the operating profits of merchants

yesterday, Mr. Wang, a mooncake dealer in Fuzhou, told that the main reason why he worked hard on mooncake packaging in previous years was to increase the "extra price" of mooncakes from the packaging, so that consumers can pay more money. With this kind of fixture, the cost is very high to ensure the high profit of mooncake sales

when the "value" of moon cakes is bound to shrink this year, "it's good for moon cake merchants to have a slight surplus on the basis of breakeven." Mr. Wang thinks so. In this case, some moon cake manufacturers pay more attention to the group purchase market. The sales manager of Fuqing Feilong food told that in view of the above situation, their strategy is to directly face the group consumption and abandon the supermarket outlet channel

it is learned from some stores that with the gradual expansion of investment promotion in supermarket stores, many supermarkets have also adjusted their investment promotion strategies to improve the dimensional stability of products. The relevant person in charge of Wal Mart supermarket said that the company could reduce costs for moon cake suppliers by taking the form of buyout rather than entrance fees

we can't make an issue of packaging, and more moon cake manufacturers begin to use their brains in sales. According to the introduction that the person in charge of the Organizing Committee of the "2005 East Express Mid Autumn Festival Gift Festival Exhibition" made it have a good antibacterial effect, just after the investment promotion advertisement of the exhibition was launched, many moon cake manufacturers were interested in this large-scale exhibition, and 7-8 enterprises had reached their intention to participate in the exhibition yesterday

source: Southeast Express

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