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PP or PC for plastic cups

at the beginning of this year, PC plastic milk bottles will produce bisphenol A events harmful to human body after repeated heating, which makes people re-examine the plastic products around them. However, as the weather rises, it has become a headache for many citizens to choose a cup that is safe and portable. With the economic return, the machine has a variety of experimental methods. Ms. Wang, a citizen, told the author that she never fully understood what happened to PC and PP

yesterday, the author made a special tour of the market and found that the vast majority of citizens only rely on the recommendations of salespersons and various "absolutely safe" oral assurances when facing a wide range of plastic water cups. In a Tupperware store specializing in plastic products, when the author randomly picked up a water cup and asked whether the material of the water cup was PC or PP, the salesperson identified a water cup with the material of PC on the bottom of the bottle as PP, and recommended it to the author wantonly. The author came to the Korean leguokou special store, which is famous for plastic products. When the author said he wanted to buy a water cup for tea, the salesperson tried hard to introduce a PC cup. In order to convince the author that this cup is good, the salesperson also said that this cup can be used in the microwave oven

after wandering around the market, I thought I was half an expert, so I was also confused. It is said that PP is better than PC? Why do PC cups sell more expensive than PP cups? With questions, the author consulted liujunlong, a professor of materials science and engineering at Dalian University of technology

"plastic products are not the higher the price, the better things. The reason why PC is more expensive than PP is that its raw materials and processing costs are relatively high." According to Liu Junlong, the price of a ton of PC in the market is about 28000, while the price of a ton of PP is only about 15000. Therefore, it is not uncommon for PC products to sell expensive in the market. "From their physical properties, PP has the best heat resistance." Liu Junlong said, but the wear resistance of PP is worse than that of PC, so when making transparent cups, PC is generally used as the material, and PC products are more beautiful than PP products. "But if you want to use it in the microwave oven, only PP products with good heat resistance and high stability can be competent. If they are only used as daily drinking water, there is no problem in choosing PC cups." Liu Junlong suggested that when choosing plastic water cups, it is best to clarify the purpose first. "

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